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by: Nigel

I would agree with the comment about trying to keep men on the site as long as possible.

Dream marriage say they do not read men's letters but I don't believe them.

In the last 18 months I have really upped my game, in an attempt to find the right girl. No writing letters for a year only to discover she doesn't want to meet. I made up stories such as I am working in Ukraine in the near future and will be going through Kiev airport home so could stay a day or two extra to meet. This puts pressure on them if they live in Kiev. Why not meet in an evening after work ? If they decline or make up obvious excuses just move on. it has certainly flushed them out

[Bob's Comment:]

If you're using pay-per-letter sites you aren't upping your game! You aren't really discovering anything useful performing these tests on girls you're writing at pay-per-letter sites.

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