Can you tell me anything about Charm Date and its 3 affiliates in China, South America and Asia?

by Stephen
(Dallas Texas USA)

I had done some business with them in the past...The women seemed to be real people, but the process was very expensive and obtaining direct contact information was very difficult to impossible due to their requirements. I believe the site is run by the Chinese Army, so I suspect it also gathers intelligence information from the participants.

Bob's Answer:

I must plead ignorance regarding this particular site. I have never heard of them. But they do violate one of the most important, reliable rules of anti-scam: They are "pay per letter" operation (pay per chat, pay per video, etc., it's all the same).

These kinds of sites make their money by either (1) paying the girls a portion of what you pay or (2) corresponding with you on the girls' behalf. Either way, I strongly advise against using any pay-per-letter (chat, video) sites.

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