Curious if you've ever heard of something like this

by Jim

I am curious about your thoughts on my situation...

I matched with a girl on a dating app on my phone. She was swiping from Russia even though I thought it was locals only. It confused me and I was HIGHLY suspicious of this girl. She seemed way out of my league because she's like a supermodel and 10,000 miles away in Moscow, very well dressed, opera singer, etc

She tells me she will be visiting my city, we discuss the possibility of going dancing. I eventually stop talking to her and forget about her.

Fast forward almost two months and she re-appears to tell me she's nearby! No warning! I met her and her best friend that lives here in my city (USA) and we went out a few times and had a blast. She's completely real and works near the Kremlin, etc.

Her English is okay but not the best. Her best friend is a translator so hers is perfect. Best friend highly approves of me, even told me so. She is married to an American and he and I talked at dinner about his experiences in Russia.

Anyways, she was sad to leave, she only visited for a couple weeks. I thought I'd never see her again, it was like magic. But she asked me to come to visit her over Russian New Year and Christmas, which I intend to do. Also to visit Sochi (to see her grandmother) and go ice skating.

Should I be worried that she could be some type of scammer? So far she has proven me wrong. She calls and texts me all the time.

My friends joke that she is going to kidnap me!! I don't think that would happen have you ever heard anything like this?

Bob's Answer:

Have your friends considered that she might lure you there where she'll sell you for parts? I hear that the black market for vital organs is booming there :)

Just kidding!

This DEFINITELY falls way outside any category of scam with which I am familiar. You've probably browsed through my site a little and read some of the questions and answers, and probably all the information about scams, and 99% of the time it involves either some stupid pay-per-letter service or the random anonymous email showing up from a woman allegedly in Russia.

But in this case SHE SHOWED UP. A gorgeous supermodel-like woman actually showed up and seemed authentic.

It is a fact that the Russian economy is in the toilet and people who are able are trying to flee to better areas.

I am not insinuating that she's only seeking U.S. residence/citizenship. That may be a perk, but even if so that doesn't mean that you can't be "The One".

Given the information you have included I don't see where the scam could be. Yeah, of course there could be something outside my normal experience... You could get there, totally at her whim, and she could have some kind of deal set up where there's a big scam. Maybe she partners with cops who will arrest you for not having the proper papers, etc., and you have to pay $10,000 to get out, etc.

But to me these kinds of things seem pretty far fetched.

If you've met her and her friend and friend's husband, spent time with them all, and in all of that you detect no red flags, GO!

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