Do you know anything about the romance tour company called "Dream Connections?"

I want to know if you or anyone you know have used this service.

Bob's Answer:

I have not personally used this service, but I am familiar with them. I can't give a truly full endorsement simply because I have never used them, but based on everything I have seen there I believe they offer a good, honest service.

In a way they operate like AFA without all the bad parts!

No pay per letter/chat/video. The only service they offer - as I understand it anyway - is the group tour.

I've listened to hours of Mark Davis' videos and actually believe he (and the company) is sincere and honest.

From what I know of them and how they operate I would only have two concerns:

1) Price: $5000 for a ONE WEEK tour, and it doesn't look like that includes airfare. So if you tack on a $1500 round trip airfare to that, we're looking at a $6500 price tag for ONE WEEK (7-8 days).

2) The meeting model. From watching their videos they appear to rely heavily on a type of "speed dating" (Google it)... At the socials 4-6 girls sit at each table and each man spends a few minutes at each table talking to ALL the girls, then at the end everyone compares notes to see who wants to meet who. To me that feels very awkward. But that's very much a matter of personal preference. I don't condemn the approach, I just don't like it for myself.

From what I hear that tour includes LOTS of service elements that may make the price tag worthwhile.

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