Does a Russian gal with a 90 day visa have to have $4500.00 before leaving to come to the USA?

I have been getting to know a gal in Russia for about 3 or 4 months and we have been getting to know each other and wanting to do a real meet in my city in Oregon. I like her a lot and I think she could be my soul mate. She has a 90 day visa, but she says they need to see 4500.00 before she goes to her flight and hotel. Is that true?

Bob's Answer:

You really should have a careful read of my scams material at Russian Dating Scams. Read that page and every page it links to, and every page those pages link to. You'll probably see more indicators that you didn't think to look for that indicates this may not be fully on the up-n-up.

I can't say definitively, but I would be VERY surprised if this whole $4500.00 thing is legit. There are several reasons for my skepticism.

First, if she really even has a visa (and her showing you a scanned copy does not prove anything), it would be a tourist visa, and those aren't 90 days. They're usually 5 years where the person can visit for up to 6 months at a time separated by at least 6 months away. Anyone else out there, please correct me if I'm wrong, but in the dozens of cases where I knew of a Russian/Ukrainian woman coming here on a tourist visa, that's how it worked.

Second, if she's single and childless, the odds that she actually has this visa are pretty slim. The U.S. does grant them to Russian/Ukrainian citizens, but it's a long shot.

Third, this $4500 story is almost surely false. Think about it... IF she actually has this visa (doubtful), it is granted by the U.S., NOT Russia. And if the U.S. cared to know that she could support herself here and have a return flight (which may be possible), that would be established during the visa application, AT THE EMBASSY where she applied and probably interviewed. And there are no U.S. customs or immigration officials at the Russian airport checking passengers departing to the U.S. to be sure they have the money.

I have personally entered and exited Russia's Sheremetyevo airport (Moscow) twice, and Kiev's Borispil airport some 7-8 times and have never seen this. And remember, even though I'm an American departing, no one is checking my passport or visas upon departure, so they don't even know that. The only time someone can be stopped at departure is by a customs official ensuring that you are not taking more cash out of the country than allowed.

IF this requirement existed, it would definitely only be checked at visa application time, or absolute worst case, at the ARRIVAL airport in the U.S.

But I'm telling you the story is B.S.

AND, if she changes the story and claims you misunderstood (or she didn't explain well... "poor English..."), she might say that the $4500 is an EXIT fee from Russia - like a deposit that ensures she will return. THAT is definitely 100% BS.

If you think she's the one, go visit her in her city first. It's the only sane way to do it.

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its BS
by: Dale

Most definitely a scam

Actually Russia and Ukraine ladies can get tourist visa without too much problem. I just returned from Kiev and met several ladies that hold a valid visa.
Tourist visa is valid for 10yrs. But as Bob said, there is no direct requirement to prove any amount of money.
She will say that she needs the money to prove she has it, then she will return it to you.
Tell her that you can only send $2500, and watch how fast she can come up with the difference on her own.
When they interview for the visa the embassy already knows if they are going to get it based on her background check. No amount of money will make a dif.
IT really does not matter what this lady says. Do you really want to associate and waste time with someone who is trying to scam you.
By the way, do you even know its a lady? Have you talked on Skype, with camera?
Actually, virtually never will any self respecting lady travel to meet you. You need to go there.

don't send money
by: Ken

It's a scam! You will not hear from her again once she got your $$.

Why don't you use the $$ to go to Kiev? Use Daisy or Kiev Connections. I don't understand why "some" men don't go see the gal first???

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