Elena's Models - Review

Elena's Models used to be the best service available in the industry and usually has a good reputation even among the harshest critics.

Elena's Models used to be the runaway best in the business on several fronts: (a) Anti-Scam, (b) size of database, (c) "realness" of the Russian women users, (d) site design/features, (e) price.

While they are still good on many of these fronts, their recent revision seemed like more of a step backwards to me, and they are no longer the indisputable best in the business. In my opinion, Russian-Ukrainian-Women.com surpasses Elena's Models in almost every way. You can click that link to read my full description and comparison.

But it is still a good site and a good service.

One of the most popular web searches relating to Russian women is about "scams". That's because it's an industry PLAGUED with fraud. As I say elsewhere on this site, armed with a little information scams can be reduced to nothing more than a nuisance. But on some sites, like Elena's Models and Russian-Ukrainian-Women.com, scams are all but a thing of the past (at least on their sites).

Remember, scams come in different varieties. In some cases the girl is the scammer, but in many other cases the agency itself is the real scammer. And where the agency is the scammer, they earn (i.e. scam) your money through these correspondence and gift services... the more you write, the more they make. But with EM you pay their flat fee for 50 contacts within a 6 month period (with the Gold plan, unlimited for Platinum), and for each contact you can communicate with her directly via their web-based messaging system and exchange unlimited web-based messages (and exchange real email addresses, phone numbers, Skype names, etc., via those web-based messages). So there's hardly any way for EM to cheat you even if they wanted to.

Now mind you, this doesn't mean that Russian and Ukrainian girls with less-than-ideal motives will not be on Elena's Models, but the site itself doesn't scam, and they take the fairly effective measures to prevent scammers from using their system, and they research and immediately remove suspected scammers. And if you follow the common-sense guidelines for avoiding scams offered elsewhere on this site, you'll easily avoid the scamming women.

On Elena's Models when a woman contacts you or responds to your messages, you can have a MUCH higher degree of confidence than on most other sites that a REAL PERSON who is not PAID to correspond with men is on the other end of that communication! And because many of the women clients of Elena's Models are also usually better educated about the process of meeting and marrying a foreign man, you have a much better chance of corresponding with someone who is very serious about meeting someone.

You can read their site for the membership details and features, but I will highlight a few features here.

An "Expression of Interest" basically allows you with one click to send a message to Russian and Ukrainian girls saying that you are interested. Theoretically, the girl would then view your profile and then reply back "Interested" or "Not Interested". If you write a good profile, this can save you a lot of TIME AND MONEY.

It saves you money because by using the "Expression of Interest" feature, you really can get enough out of the Gold membership to not need the much more expensive Platinum membership.

If you do it right by writing a good profile and making good use of the "Expression of Interest" feature, and enaging in REAL correspondence (See Russian Online Dating: How to Correspond with Russian Women for my advice on this topic), then 50 women over 6 months should keep you plenty busy enough.

But again, these features and prices don't really compete with Russian-Ukrainian-Women.com. Read my review of that site at Russian-Ukrainian-Women.com - Review for a detailed list of advantages of that site.