found my love at mariya-club

by Mike
(California, USA)

I met a few nice girls from
Consider this site as one of the best one for those who want to find a Slavic wife

Bob's "Rebuttal"

If you do a web search for "mariya-club scams" you'll see what this site is really all about. And, if you have read any of my site you know that I STRONGLY advise against using any site that offers pay-per-letter services as they are nearly always scam oriented to some extent.

But here's the thing, this "Mike" supposedly from "California"... Well, he (or she) may not realize that when users add posts and comments here it reports their IP address, and "Mike's" IP address tracks to Moscow, so "Mike" is fake.

So the rule stands... You don't need a list of known scammers or known scam sites, just know that if you're paying by the letter you're probably being scammed.

I would advise AGAINST using Mariya-club!

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