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those datingsite's are also full of scammers
by: Anonymous

Well my friend, you think that those dating sites like free rusian dating and fdating are free of scammers. Well I had the luck that I had contact with 22 of those lady's and not one of the 22 where free of scam.

The first lady I met there was 41 years old worked in cab business as a dispatcher. She told me that she worked from 9am till 2pm the next day, then she was 8 hours free. When I asked her what she earned per month she told me that she earned $150 USD per month.

She is a Ukrainian woman with a daughter of 16 years old. Can you tell me how she manage to raise her daughter when she never see's her?

The second was a Romanian girl 24 years old who lives alone and had just lost her job as a waitress. She immediately asked me to send her money to pay for her rent and electricity. She even proposed that she would strip for the money and that she also would do everything that I wanted from her.

Must I go on with the list? There was even a doctor who proposed to strip for me and to have sex on cam with everything she had from toys to kitchen supplies.

Take my advies and keep your money in your pockets. There are no Russian or Ukrainian dating site that are completely scam free.

They are all connected with Chinese, Thai, African, Japanese, Filipino, and other dating site.

If you want a girl from there then you have to go to that country and find one there yourself. And when you have the chance to take one with you then you will know that you maybe will have one that will stay with you.

Have a great day and keep it safe

[Bob's Comment:]

No one ever said there were dating sites that were completely scam-free. But if you're finding 22 out of 22 women you contacted were free of scam, then you may want to consider that you have a knack for picking the bad ones.

fdating looks real
by: Anonymous


I love the advice that you have given in this forum, Although, I realized, I have learned this over time anyways. But its a good reminder for me. Thanks for all the tips and so far looks pretty decent and authentic. Finally, to impress and get a girl depends on individual chemistry, so far no scammers

So thank you all,

FDating Questions
by: Henry

I have checked out Fdating and it appears to be real for the most part. But I did get one chick asking for money on the first message for homeless animals. Needless to say she was deleted and reported.

One other thing is. I will get a message or an answer to a message from an attractive woman. And immediately she will say. Are you coming to Ukraine to visit me. When I mention how quickly she is doing this without knowing anything about me or asking anything about me. Not showing any interest in my life or anything.

They reply that men just talk endlessly on this site and never come to visit. Maybe this is true?

Has anyone else encountered this? And if so what do you think it is? Is it a legitimate question?

Curious on your thoughts.

RE: FDating Questions
by: Bob (Site Owner)

It is true that some (maybe many) women in Ukraine do complain that men want to talk endlessly online. It's a valid concern for them because MANY men will NEVER get their butt's on an airplane.

I advise men to not even start writing anyone until they can see themselves making a trip less than 3-4 months out.

ON THE OTHER HAND, it would be reasonable for you to say to her something like, "I don't have specific travel plans at the moment, but if we got to know each other and felt we were a good connection I would be happy to come visit within 2-3 months... So, can you speak on Skype so we can get to know each other a little?"

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