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by Jay
(Tampa, Florida, USA)

There are two absolutely FREE Russian Dating websites which I like, because it is relatively easy to establish a friendship with women, this way, at these websites: the only "limiting factor" may be the level of English-language proficiency, of some of the women, there. (There is a way of getting around this potential limitation, however; I will cover this a bit later in the review):

Both of the above sites have some very attractive ladies, and--if you are looking for "personality above outward beauty"--there are quite a few really nice (and motivated) women, too, at both of them.

Both offer an instant translation of the women's responses, (in your inbox), by clicking a button, to render their messages into English (or, in the language of your choice).

When you feel comfortable enough with the way the friendship is proceeding, either one of you (i.e., yourself or the lady) may exchange any personal information that you wish to: you can even do this, in the first message you write, but I wouldn't suggest doing that, as Eastern European women would think that you are either desperate or a scammer, if you do.

Once you have taken things to the "next level", you may find yourself exchanging Skype usernames and chatting, from there. If you still encounter communication problems (because of the language barrier), there is a downloadable translation program that "interfaces with Skype, directly". It is called CLOWNFISH FOR SKYPE (or, simply, CLOWNFISH). It is a good program that you can even configure to translate both incoming and outgoing messages, right as the messages are typed, in the Skype dialog box. And, of course, the added advantage of using Skype (or any of the other Instant Messenger programs, for that matter) is that you can have real-time video chats, this way, with your lady.

BE AWARE that some of the ladies are very, very motivated, and--depending on their (and your) age, they may be willing (and able) to travel to the USA, in short order.
(As an older, retired gentleman, myself, I have already had one Russian woman come to the USA, to meet me, here in the U.S.A. Retired ladies, over there, are not tied to the workaday world; are more mobile than those who are still working; and often are willing and able to meet you "on your own turf".)

You younger men, with disposable income, a passport, and "time to travel" can easily find many receptive ladies, over there, who will eagerly await your arrival.

My suggestion: give these two "free websites" a try.

You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Bob's Answer:

Thank you for your thorough contribution!

I've heard of on, and the other site looks good too.

I might add to your suggestion about exchanging contact information right away... It's also good to wait so that you can weed out Russian scammers on the other side too! I haven't used these sites, but can probably accurately assume that they suffer from common problems with free sites... scammers use them to scam men and to harvest email addresses for later scams. So it is probably helpful to exchange a few messages in their web-based mail system and be sure that you're not just receiving purely pre-written robo-mail before you give out any "real" contact info.

If you read my section on Russian Dating Scams, and some more specific advice in my review of Ukraine Date/Russian Cupid (which suffers from many of the same scam problems you'll probably find on free sites) you should be fairly thoroughly equipped for anything you will encounter on these sites.

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