The "Live There" Approach

There is a new ebook on the market that is simply a must-read for any man searching abroad for a wife.

You can find it at Having been to Ukraine and Russia a number of times I can tell you that one common feeling a guy who visits Kiev has is the desire to VISIT AGAIN SOON and to STAY LONGER!

It really is a blast, and the time is always too short. If you have been there you KNOW this is true.

The approaches I describe elsewhere on this site - mostly the "Correspondence Approach" and the "Individual Tour Approach" - are good... They work. I have known successes from both these approaches, including my own marriage to a beautiful Russian lady using the correspondence approach (if our later divorce doesn't move that to the "loss" column, but I don't think it does).

But even my "success" was AFTER five visits to Ukraine on group tours and individual tours. And the reason for those five "failures" was, mostly, THE LACK OF TIME!

But that's just how it is, right? You communicate from a distance and make in-person visits, but the limited amount of time most guys can spend in Russia/Ukraine building a real relationship with a girl is a serious challenge!

When you get right down to it, when your mission is to FIND A UKRAINIAN GIRL with whom to start a REAL RELATIONSHIP, being limited to two 10-day trips per year is an almost impossible constraint.

An Alternative...

This new ebook actually advocates basically rearranging your life in such a way that you can practically LIVE IN UKRAINE for extended periods of time such that you can even plug into the culture and meet girls naturally, without even using dating sites or agencies.

Obviously such an approach would have some serious obstacles, like EXACTLY HOW THE HELL WOULD I PAY FOR THAT? Who would watch my house? Car? What would I do with my stuff? What about work? How can I take that much time off work without getting fired?

Well, that's about half of what this ebook is about. It may not work for everyone, but it gives you a lot to think about.

The other half of the ebook goes into how a foreign guy can have a social life in Ukraine in a very natural way, without even using websites, dating apps, or agencies (all pretty much necessary when going the more long-distance approaches discussed elsewhere on this site).

I don't want to steal all the thunder from the book, so let me just direct you to the source. The first three chapters are downloadable for free. I highly recommend it.

As I mention above, you can find it at

* In the interest of transparency I do earn a commission if you buy this ebook.

*** Added September 2018 ***

Live in Ukraine!