Random Russian Women Topics

A topical site like this one usually has a neat, logical, structured outline to follow. But there are always a few pieces that just didn't fit anywhere, or that come up later. That's what this section is for... All those random Russian women topics, issues, and thoughts that came up later and just don't easily fit into the outline.

By the very nature of a section like this it will start small and grow in time as I think of things I need to add.

Russian women's perception of marriage and life in America

Ask any Russian/American or Ukrainian/American couple you know and they will tell you that the transition is not smooth, and that the first years often involve a LOT of friction and conflict as the two cultures blend.

Much of the friction derives from false expectations that Russian/Ukrainian women hold about life in America. They've seen TV and movies depicting life here. They've heard stories from friends. They're pretty sure they know how it's going to be. Then they arrive and the bubble bursts!

Nothing is like they expected, and it's stressful!

This page is actually FOR and TO RUSSIAN/UKRAINIAN WOMEN! Maybe I will have it professionally translated one day, but for now it is only in English. It is something I hope will help them start adjusting their expections beforehand.

If you're an American man involved with a Russian/Ukrainian woman and hoping to bring her to the U.S. to marry you, you DEFINITELY want her to read this. You can figure out how to present it, and you can tell her how close what I say applies to your situation. But I hope it will be useful.

You can find it at Real Life in America.

More to come...

As more topics come to mind, I'll add them! Stay tuned...