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I agree
by: Anonymous

Use only a site that does not charge per communication. If there is incentive to keep communicating, why do you think you will ever end up meeting this girl? In addition, how can you tell what her motivation truly is if there is money involved?

How can anyone believe this is not a SCAM site?
by: Derek

Been registered on Romance Compass for over 2 years. Not spent much money on it. But keep my eye on it etc.

Many 1,000's of lovely ladies on there, but no testimonials. Strange that as a successful dating site would be showing testimonials etc.

I had some convincing letters from the lady below. I asked her and a few other ladies to take a photo holding my name on it. Not one single one of them would. I had 5 credits left and read below what I said in chat to her.

RE: Nataliya>>>

YOU TOLD ME YOU WOULD ANSWER ALL MY QUESTIONS, BUT you ignored them. You asked me if I would come to meet you? l said YES but you never responded when I asked you about it... what a joke you are!!!

I am far more intelligent than you. You're a lawyer... your are more like a liar. You are the most stupid and ignorant woman I have ever written to. You are obviously a scammer and a cheat. Do not write to me again you idiotic woman!!!

After a minute her reply was: "You are a good man Derek "!!!!!

[Bob's Input:]

Sounds like you're taking this a little too personally. Here's what I mean... "Nataliya" is probably a woman hired by an agency, or at a "subcontractor" (i.e. not a direct employee but someone who they pay a percentage for all the letter revenue she generates).

ANY TIME YOU PAY BY THE LETTER/CHAT/VIDEO THIS IS HAPPENING. If you pay one price for unlimited direct contact it's usually more straight-up.

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