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by Paul
(Bath, England)

I am so sorry to have to agree with the other people who have been on this site, only to have their hopes and dreams shattered by the fact that the girls on this dating forum are mainly bogus. I am truly saddened that I have again experienced this, but it is not just this site. It is quite rampant within these Eastern European dating sites. The girls are truly wonderful, but they get the $ signs after the first few weeks when it hits them that they get a percentage of the chat and letter price. Yes, I think that they really started off thinking the most pure and genuine thoughts about finding a new and wonderful life, but it all ended up a bit pear shaped. Maybe if the site owners just charged 2 credits per letter and 1 credit per min for live video chat we not only could afford it, but the girls would get more business.

Bob's Comment:

That's a pretty enlightened perspective, that many of the women involved in the pay-per-letter / pay-per-chat agency scams probably started off with pure motives but become corrupted by the profit potential.

But seriously, site owners charging less is far from the solution!

The REAL solution, in my humble opinion, is to inform as many men as we can that pay-per-letter / pay-per-chat is very nearly NEVER a straight up honorable operation. And, that's the first advice I always offer on such matters! If you don't want to be scammed, don't use pay-per-letter/chat/video. It really is no more complicated than that!

But when you say the site owners could earn more by cutting prices I think you're kind of missing the point... You are so right about concluding that the pay-per-letter women become corrupted by the money, but WHO is the source of the corruption? It has to be the site/agency owners. If you really want to get down to the villian on the scene, it's them.

The only way for this two work for the man seeking a foreign spouse is to just avoid those kinds of operations. Use ONLY free or unlimited-contact-per-period sites.

Funny, at pay-per-letter sites unbelievably gorgeous women contact 50+ year old, overweight, economically-challenged men, but on sites where you pay for unlimited communication for a specified period of time such men only receive messages from 45+ year old "regular" women.

Hint: The unlimited communication sites are "real". Use them!

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