by Sean
(Atlanta, GA)

Need review of

Bob's Answer:

I have never heard of it, but here's the impression I get from just looking through it a little...

On the upside:

- It's FREE, so there's no financial downside to trying it.

- It looks like it has a good sized database and site features.

- And somewhat importantly, it LOOKS authentic. What I mean is that the home page and search results are not filled with only super-hot women. Yes, there are attractive women, but sites that have ONLY supermodels everywhere are questionable.

The downside:

I really don't KNOW that this is a downside, but as a free site they will almost sure occasionally be exploited by scammers, so you would definitely need to keep your guard up.

Give it a shot and then come back here and post your findings... Just add a comment to this post.

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