Ukraine4Date - Review

Ukraine4Date is a local agency operating in Kiev. It is one of the most service-oriented agencies I've come across in terms of facilitating relationships.

Usually I advocate meeting Russian/Ukrainian women through direct connection websites where the women post their own profiles and write their own letters (aka "correspondence method"). And I've usually avoided and advised against local agencies because anytime you get "middlemen" between you and your Russian women, they have an almost unchecked/unlimited opportunity to scam, and unfortunately most local agencies avail themselves of that opportunity to some large or small extent.

Most of my preference for the "correspondence method" is predicated on the fact that there are so few agencies that I ever thought I could really trust. Sure, as you will see in my other reviews, there are "honest" agencies there. Not many, but some. But even with an honest agency it usually means that they have a database of real women as clients, and that most of these real women are serious about finding someone, AND that the agency will only charge you for genuine services like introductions and translations.

BUT almost none go any farther than that. They aren't so much like your "friend in Kiev" who is trying to set you up with her single neighbor and smoothing out the challenges you will face as you correspond and meet. Ukraine4Date seems to go that extra mile. They get to know you, what you're like, and what you're looking for. They already know all the ladies in their database, and what they're like, and what they seek. And then they help you find the best girl for you.

Ukraine4Date brings another somewhat unique approach to the table: They feel that you can start and build a relationship via Skype before traveling to meet, so ALL of the girls in their database use Skype! And the initial introductions are on Skype. As you read on other pages of my site, Skype is an indispensable tool in this cross-cultural, long-distance relationship pursuit. It immediately bypasses all the inevitable concerns everyone has about whether the girl writing is really the one in the pictures, and whether she'll look different in person than she does in her professional photos, etc.

And as far as I know, Ukraine4Date is the only site that uses Skype as it's primary initial introduction and relationship-building media. Of course they facilitate your physical visit to Kiev and meetings with girls too.

And when you narrow down your prospects from their database and start communicating (or meeting), Ukraine4Date offers the ongoing, ALL-IMPORTANT service of helping you and your lady understand each other better and overcome the MANY inevitable cultural misunderstandings, and even to give each of you a little push when needed.

Having said all that, there are two things that will probably jump out at you as you visit the site:
  1. Their PRICES... "Online Introductions" €550 euros (that's around $748 USD at current exchange rates) and "Scheduled Meetings" €999 euros (that's around $1360 USD at current exchange rates).

  2. Their database of women is not very large.
I've heard that they plan to embark on an advertising campaign to expand considerably in the very near future, so #2 there will probably be become less of an issue.

As for #1, you get what you pay for. Other sites charge less, but in many cases all you get is the ability to contact their women, or a face-to-face introduction, but not very much "service" to really help you find the right girl for you and then help facilitate that relationship. Ukraine4Date DOES do all that, and therefore you get more for the money.

And in the long run this additional level of service will probably end up costing you less... If you can meet women through their introduction services, then travel to meet them, all helped along with the agency working on your behalf as the intermediary, it is much more likely that you could find the right girl in ONE TRIP, as opposed to doing it the way I did :-)... (one group tour, three individual tours, and two trips of visit one girl). Each trip was cheaper, but the total of all of them was far more than Ukraine4Date charges!

AND, Ukraine4Date is the only agency I have ever encountered that offers a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their service. I clarified this offer with the agency and it does not apply to direct costs. In other words, if you use their online meetings service and are not happy, they will refund your entire amount. But if you use their "Scheduled Meetings" program, they incur direct costs on your behalf, such as hotel, airport transport, and other things, and those costs are not refundable, but the portion of their fee that applies to their service is refundable.

The impression I get is that this kind of service is for when you are SERIOUS, and READY for a real relationship, and maybe not so much if you're into the hunt. So many of us (myself included far more often than I'd like to admit) are much more interested in the "search" than we are in the "find", or the "shopping" instead of the "buying", and we get addicted to finding another good site with many beautiful women, and we send our "interest" or "flirt" messages, and hopefully exchange a few letters, or if we're lucky, a few calls.

If your true goal is to meet as many beautiful Russian/Ukrainian women as possible, and have never-ending email correspondence, or meeting as many in person as possible, Ukraine4Date may not be your best option.

But if your true goal is to meet a real, sincere Ukrainian woman for marriage, Ukraine4Date may actually be your best option, AND, your least expensive option in the long run.

So if you are SERIOUS about your search for a Ukrainian woman as a partner in marriage and you aren't interested in endless searching and countless tours, Ukraine4Date may be your best option.