Beautiful Russian Women

Why meeting Russian women may be exactly what you need...

•  Are you single or divorced, over 40, but still hope to find someone special with whom to share your life?

•  Do you find that many of the women you meet seem difficult? Picky? Unhappy? Angry?

•  Have you tried meeting women online and come up disappointed?

•  Do you still hope to have children (or more children) but find that local women young enough to safely have children aren't interested in a man your age?

If you are one of the many who would answer a passionate "Yes" to most of these questions, then you are in the right place!

russian_woman Assuming you have a job, don't abuse alcohol or drugs, and wouldn't cheat on or beat your wife, then there are many beautiful women in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union who are looking for a guy just like you... even if you are not rich, famous, or good looking.

And if you think that the whole Russian dating/marriage thing is just a big scam, you are partly right. If you Google "Russian women", follow the links, start writing girls, plan a trip, etc., chances are probably better than 95% that you will stumble upon some kind of scam along the way... if not every kind of scam every step of the way!

There are just SO MANY ways you can go wrong and end up wasting time, money, energy, and emotion and have nothing to show for it. You will need to know about which kinds of sites and agencies are best and which kinds to avoid. You will need to be aware of many scams the agencies try to pull. You will need to be aware of how Russia is different from the West, both in terms of local customs when you travel and how Russian women think differently about men and relationships.

"Russia" doesn't mean Russia...

I usually just refer to "Russia/Russians", but almost everything on this site applies equally to most countries of the former Soviet Union, such as Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and a few others.

But if you will bring some common sense to the table, I'll pitch in a little education and guidance, and you can easily navigate all these challenges and meet many beautiful, intelligent, educated, sincere women who really just want to meet a good man and start a family.

So grab a cup of coffee and browse through this site to learn more than you could ever want to know about meeting, dating, and marrying Russian women!

If you aren't really THAT curious to learn far more than you could ever need and only want the essentials on meeting a Russian woman without all the various options, then feel free to check out my Meeting a Russian Woman - Shortcut section where I summarize the most effective way to meet a Russian woman with only the necessary information.


I just posted a new page that you MUST SEE... I've been LIVING IN UKRAINE since late 2016! You know all that stuff I talk about on this site about overcoming the great distances to meet Russian women since you can't just drive across town to meet for coffee? What if you COULD just travel a half mile to meet for coffee? At Live in Ukraine I'll tell you how I made that leap.

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Why Russian Women?
Why Russian women? What is so great about them that men travel halfway around the world to meet them, date them, and marry them?
Dating Russian Women Online: The Correspondence Approach
Dating Russian Women Online: Meet beautiful Russian women by writing them and talking to them before traveling to meet them in person.
Best Russian Dating Site for the Correspondence Approach
Learn about the best kind of Russian dating site for using the correspondence approach.
Russian Women Dating Sites: How To Write An Effective Online Profile
A good online profile at the Russian women dating sites is essential for getting the most out of these sites.
The Best Single Russian Women to Write
Success with the correspondence approach to meeting single Russian women requires that you use some good selection criteria in choosing women to write.
Avoiding Bad Russian Women
You must avoid the bad Russian women to succeed using the correspondence approach to meeting single Russian women. I'll tell you how to recognize and avoid them.
Russian Online Dating: How to Correspond with Russian Women
Russian Online Dating: Learn to effectively correspond with Russian women, what to write, what to ask, what kinds of pictures to send, etc.
Russian Romance Tours
Meet beautiful Russian women in person on Russian romance tours!
Meet Beautiful Russian Women on Group Tours
Meet beautiful Russian women during an organized group tour where all your arrangements are handled by a big agency.
Individual Russian Dating Tour
Meet Russian and Ukrainian Women on an Individual Russian Dating Tour where an agency takes care of your accommodations and you can have arranged dates with women clients of the agency.
Dating Russian Women
Dating Russian women involves many cultural differences from dating local girls that you must keep in mind or face certain failure!
Calling Russia
Calling Russia can be very expensive and inconvenient if you don't know the services that smoothe this out for you.
Using Skype to Communicate with Russian Women
Skype is a TOTAL game changer in the world of meeting, dating, and marrying Russian women. Trying to meet Russian women without it is like going back to the horse and buggy!
Using Rebtel to Communicate with Russian Women
Rebtel offers the most competitive international rates and the most convenient dial-around access I have found.
Using Vonage to Communicate with Russian Women
Vonage is one of the most reliable VOIP services available and offers very competitive international calling rates on direct-dialed international calls.
Travel to Russia
Travel to Russia: Travel guide for men traveling to meet Russian and Ukrainian women.
Cheap Flights To Russia
Find cheap flights to Russia with great schedules!
Obtaining a Russian Visa
Obtaining a Russian visa for your travel to Russia
Russian Customs Regulations
Navigating Russian customs regulations on your trips to Russia
Russian Travel Scheduling
Choosing the perfect time and duration of your Russian travel for individual tours
Electricity in Russia
Electricity in Russia has a different voltage and different shaped wall sockets than in the U.S. Be sure to be prepared!
Russia Travel Tips
Important Russia travel tips
Russian Language Barriers
Language barriers can be a challenge when pursuing Russian women, but the challenge can be overcome and may be well worth the cost and effort!
Russian Translations
Eventually you will need to use Russian translations if you pursue Russian women who do not know English. Fortunately written, phone, and live translations are easy to navigate with just a little guidance.
Finding a Russian Interpreter
Finding a good Russian interpreter can be a daunting challenge, but having been to Russia/Ukraine many times I have used many different services and met many translators that I can recommend with confidence that they are honest and provide good service at a fair price.
Russian Dating Scams
If you pursue Russian women you will almost surely encounter Russian dating scams along the way, but they are almost completely avoidable with a little common sense combined with a little guidance.
Russian Dating Scam: Marriage Agency Scams
One very common Russian dating scam is the 'marriage agency scam' where young, attractive, 'real' girls will write to you forever through letter services, and will be very happy for you to visit them. And they ARE 'real'... but there's a little more to it that you need to know!
Russian Dating Sites Reviewed
Russian dating sites and agencies reviewed by someone who has experienced them as a customer.
A Pretty Woman - Review
A Pretty Woman is appropriately named... it has the highest percentage of beautiful Russian women among honest agencies!
Russian Cupid and Ukraine Date - Review
Russian Cupid and Ukraine Date offer only an automated web interface through which you can meet and DIRECTLY correspond with Russian and Ukrainian women for a fraction of the cost of most other sites.
Kherson Girls - Review
Kherson Girls is both a local agency based in Kherson and a small network of agencies throughout Ukraine. They are usually rated as an honest agency, but their prices are very much on the high end.
Russian Women Questions
Your questions and answers about meeting, dating, and marrying Russian women.
Russian Women Advice
Do you need Russian women advice about YOUR specific situation? Do you need a little more specific guidance?
Meeting Women Online
Meeting women online is something almost every man has tried, but the odds are against you...
Live in Ukraine!
To meet Ukrainian women the BEST approach is to JUST LIVE IN UKRAINE!
How to Meet Russian Women
How to meet Russian women who live halfway around the world... you can't just meet them at the corner Starbucks!

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