3 Year Russian Visas for US Citizens? BS or Real?

by Mabk
(Winston Salem NC)

I ran into a site that's new to me. It covers business visas and claims U.S. citizens can get a 3 year visa.

Is this real, or is it off beat BS?


Then in upper right area click on "3 Year Russian Visas".

This leads to a double choice that obviously is very low cost compared to Visa Express. So I am fully Clear. Double Question?

1. The first choice would save 100s of dollars versus Visa Express.

2. Moreover is this a realistic option. I've been offered a business Visa for Russia. It would save my more money than I can add up honestly if it's real. No catch or BS?

Anyone that can contribute an answer, Thanks so much in advance.


Bob's Answer:

I don't understand the whole question. From a little research it does look like Russia issues 3-year multi-entry visas. I see that 3-year multi-entry tourist visas are also available. And frankly, without carefully analyzing the differences between the tourist and business visas I would think that the tourist visa would be less complicated.

One visa site I have used before is Visa HQ. They say that the "Embassy Fee" for a 3-year multi-entry tourist visa to Russia is $303. That's the same price they list as the embassy fee for the business visa.

One thing I would look into if I were you is whether either of the 3-year multi-entry visas limit you to 6 months (or some other limit) at a time. I couldn't find any information on that, but I would be shocked if a "3-year multi-entry visa" meant that one could just come and go as they pleased with no limitations for three years.

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