A Pretty Woman Changes

by Henry

I am going to sign up for a subscription for APW. But I wanted to ask you if you have any current information? It appears that it has changed.

I am not getting the information about new girls anymore. What is your take on this?

I will keep you informed when I get my subscription.

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RE: A Pretty Woman Changes
by: Bob (Site Owner)

Wow, OK, so this is strange: When I just type "aprettywomen.com" into my browser address bar it redirects to "http://ww17.aprettywomen.com/", which looks like the kind of template page one sees when the domain name expired.

THEN I tried in another browser (Chrome) and it brought up the correct site.

So, something funky is going on there! But I don't think that's what you're talking about :)

For anyone having this problem, just make sure to include the full address like this: http://aprettywoman.com/

BUT, yes, I see what you mean about it being different. I remember always getting that "New girls" email every Thursday or Friday, and now that you mention it I realized I haven't received that for a while. AND, when I go to the site I no longer see a "New Girls" link at the top as there used to be.

The whole model has changed too. It used to be that you just flat-out purchased a package that contained a number of contacts you could obtain, and all you got was the contact info for the girls you requested.

Now it looks like a more normal "membership" site where you pay one price and send/receive unlimited messages to/from unlimited girls during the membership.

Their prices are REALLY on the high side for this kind of service! I see $65/month and $370/year (in September 2018).

I just hopped over to Russian-Ukrainian-Women.com and see that their prices have gone DOWN since I first reviewed them, like to $32.00 for a YEAR (I think it was $125/year).

When I last used Russian-Ukrainian-Women.com it was a GREAT SITE, with a LOT of women who log on regularly.

I'll try to update my review of that site when I get a chance (existing review is at Russian-Ukrainian-Women.com).

Not Looking Good
by: Henry

So far not looking good. No responses to any openers. No response from support on my email to them. And CCBill their billing service did say they would try to get a hold of them. I also called and left a voice mail. We will give them some more time. But I may be looking for a refund soon.

Additional Information
by: Henry

So I paid for a membership and then started seeing what seemed like strange occurrences. No response from the support people and no updates or changes to the site. It is old and clunky and does not have a very good interface.

After never receiving a response from support I contacted their payment processor and asked for a refund. And they sent me one. But my membership did not end. Another indication that the site is not being managed very closely. But I did notice girls occasionally being added. But they were all scams. Every single one I communicated with was a scammer. And of course all very good looking. Which is always a major red flag.

One of the new scams is the girls will tell you that they are from the conflict zone or the war zone in Ukraine. The Donbass region. This will bring all kinds of opportunities for a scam. They cannot call you, they cannot Skype with you. They need extra money to travel to meet you in Kiev. They cannot meet you in their city because of the war. It's all bullshit.

Do not spend money on this site.

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