A Russian woman wants to come to the USA to meet me...

by Jerrod
(Dallas Texas)

I met this woman online a few months ago. She, as most, seems to good to be true. After a couple of months, she said she wants to come here. I felt like the scam was about to come out. She said she couldn't afford it and didn't know what to do. I replied that I could not help her get here, but if she could find a way down the road, I would make sure that I would take care of her once she arrived. Now she is saying she is getting the money from her friends and family and she will be ready to come here in a couple of weeks. She asked for what airport and state to prepare for her trip with a travel agency. I did question her to see if she was trying to get money from me, and her response was she couldn't believe I would think such a thing. I apologized because if she is sincere, I would very much like to meet her. What do you think of my scenario?

Bob's Answer:

It's a scam. It's always a scam when a girl wants to come see you and supposedly has a visa and is paying for her own trip. But how can it be a scam since she's paying? Simple. On the day of her flight, or maybe within the few days before the alleged flight, something unexpected will come up.

- She'll discover at the airport that the customs people will not let her depart without showing that she has sufficient funds to pay for the time away and a return trip. A variation of this theme is that she'll say that Russia requires she leave a deposit to ensure her return (because Russia doesn't like their people escaping).

- At the last minute the family/friends failed to come through for the balance of the plane tickets. She just needs $350 more.

- OR (fill in the blank).

Solving that last-second problem is going to cost you. Of course she'll pay you back as soon as she arrives, but she needs cash now.

If you are remotely serious about this follow the advice on my site. It's all there... How to make this happen in REAL life without getting scammed to death.

And one of the most important things you need to know is that your first meeting with a Russian/Ukrainian woman MUST be in her city, or at least her country. A close second is that you need to find and manage all your own accommodations. These two things remove almost all routes cash can transfer from your wallet to hers. You buy plane tickets, you pay hotels, you pay restaurants, etc. and you have a good time together. That's all she should get out of it.

But if you won't go, nothing good will happen.

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