Anastasia rip off

by Po Joe
(Sacramento, Ca)

Imagine chatting on line at 40 cents a minute the girl texts you something in French like Bon Appitet. Then two minutes later you are surprised to see another girl type the same thing Bon Appitet. Coincidence you say. Suppose you mention to one girl that you had a dream. Then later while typing to another girl a dialog box pops up and a girl you were not texting asks, "Tell me about your dream." How amazing that these girls are such mind readers. Or you wonder how many sweat shops there are full of typists trying desperately to keep the facts straight. How about receiving an endless supply of letters that you must pay five dollars to read that sound all alike and very rarely mention anything you wrote to them. Possibly computer generated you guess. This also explains why every single nineteen year old supermodel I wrote to instantaneously replied. One typist who actually did respond was fond of typing in all caps I WANT TO MARRY YOU. then she would direct me to the gifts function where for the amazing price of several hundred dollars I could send her some flowers and a box of chocolates. Wow you think there is no kick back going on there. Even without falling for the really stupid tricks, I burned up over five hundred dollars in two weeks without realizing I was just participating in some kind of scam. Remember, if it looks to good to be true then its to good to be true. Logically, any site where they make money from you during the search has a deathly fear of you actually finding the girl because you will stop using the site. They make the most money teasing you and doing everything in their power to prevent you from finding the girl.

Bob's Answer:

Thanks for saying more clearly what I must only imply between the lines at AnastasiaWeb - Review for fear of legal harassment and intimidation :)

Another reader sent me a link to the story of his experience with AnastasiaDate where he did actually meet in person the young, hot girl that was writing him. I linked to his story on my review page, but here it is again if you want to see how that turned out: My Experience With Anastasia Date.

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by: Nigel

I would agree with the comment about trying to keep men on the site as long as possible.

Dream marriage say they do not read men's letters but I don't believe them.

In the last 18 months I have really upped my game, in an attempt to find the right girl. No writing letters for a year only to discover she doesn't want to meet. I made up stories such as I am working in Ukraine in the near future and will be going through Kiev airport home so could stay a day or two extra to meet. This puts pressure on them if they live in Kiev. Why not meet in an evening after work ? If they decline or make up obvious excuses just move on. it has certainly flushed them out

[Bob's Comment:]

If you're using pay-per-letter sites you aren't upping your game! You aren't really discovering anything useful performing these tests on girls you're writing at pay-per-letter sites.

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