AnastasiaWeb - Review

AnastasiaWeb operates several similar sites, such as,, and This review applies to all of them equally, and I will usually refer to these collectively as just "AnastasiaWeb".

This family of sites has a reputation for silencing critics with endless legal harassment and intimidation, so I'm going to have to ask you to read between the lines here since I am going to take care to not make any unprovable assertions of fact.

Also, AnastasiaWeb is a MASTER of web marketing. Their search engine rankings are unparallelled among Russian women dating sites. They have definitely learned to work the system.

THIS MEANS that if you are reading this, then it may be your only chance to hear the truth about AnastasiaWeb. Surely their sites come up higher in web searches than mine, so you are lucky to have gotten to this page at all before being lured into their system. SO LISTEN CAREFULLY... This may be one of the only places you'll read this...

Are you a night owl like me? Do you ever see those commercials on late-night TV that advertise phone chat sessions with young, hot, beautiful, lonely women right in your very own neighborhood just waiting for your call? They'll have a Pamela Anderson look-alike actor in the commercial laying on a bed in her lingerie giggling and talking on the phone, then she looks up at the camera (i.e. at you) and says, "I'm waiting for your call... Don't be lonely one minute longer... Call me now at 1-800-HOT-BABE..."

Do you ever watch those commercials and think to yourself, "WOW! This young, hot, gorgeous, lingerie-clad woman WANTS TO TALK TO little ole ME? How lucky for me!!! I should definitely give her a call! She might be THE ONE!!!"? If so, AnastasiaWeb may be right for you.

I would say that almost without a doubt you will see more YOUNG, HOT, GORGEOUS, SEXY RUSSIAN WOMEN on this family of sites than you will anywhere else on the web... shoot, probably even more than on Playboy's website (well, Playboy doesn't specialize in Russian women, but you get the drift). Further, on this family of sites you need to search hard to find a girl who ranks less than a solid "9". There's hardly a dog among them!

I have no solid PROOF that this family of sites does anything bad... at least nothing that will stand up in court. Well... come to think of it, I actually do have some pretty solid evidence: A Ukrainian female friend used to work as a translator for a local AnastasiaWeb affiliate in Ukraine and tells horror stories of all the scams they perpetrated on unsuspecting victims. But since she probably wouldn't testify in court for fear of her own safety, I guess I have nothing that would stand up in court.

BUT, I can link to a story that I've heard many times before from Anastasia "victims", and they are completely in line with this guy's story. Here, read this story about a typical AnastasiaWeb/AnastasiaDate scam. It is EXTREMELY representative of the kind of Russian dating scams described by my friend who used to work at an Anastasia agency in Ukraine.

I also know this - and this is an experiment you can perform for yourself: When I posted a profile on (a site with an impeccable reputation), I received an average of around five responses per month, and mostly from fairly average-looking women over 30 years old. When I posted the same profile on AnastasiaWeb (even without photos), all of the hottest women from their site, regardless of age, including the 19 year-old lingerie model types, wrote to me.

Why do you think that is?

Well, I have some good possible explanations for the differences in both the number of responses and the "hotness" of the women responding... I'll stop short of offering those explanations in order to not make any unprovable damaging claims against AnastasiaWeb that might draw legal action, but I can safely say that I STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST USING THIS FAMILY OF AGENCIES/WEBSITES.