Angelika Network - Review

The Angelika Network used to be a large agency network with many local affiliate agencies throughout the countries of the former Soviet Union. Generally speaking, if you decided to meet Russian women via an individual tour, this WAS one of the best Russian dating sites to use.

It used to be flawless. You could go to the Angelika Network website, search for girls all over Russia/Ukraine/Belarus, and book tours almost anywhere. It all worked great. The fact that the services were provided by many different local agencies was almost invisible.

But then there was a legal battle over ownership of the Angelika Network.


Please forgive me if some of my details are off, but I'm pretty sure I know the high-level story, which is good enough for our purposes here, and it goes something like this...

David is the real founder. He is a Western man (not sure from exactly where) who spoke fluent Russian and visited many Russian/Ukrainian marriage agencies pretending to "shop".

That gave him a unique insight. Crooked agencies count on the fact that you can't understand what they're saying about you (since they say it in Russian, and assume you don't understand)! But because David understood what they were saying (although without their knowledge), he was able to weed out the bad agencies and invite only the good ones to join his network.

And his network members agreed to certain terms which assured a somewhat uniform level of service and prices across the network, sort of like McDonald's franchises.

But another couple, Shane and Aksana Cook, were partners in the operation. Aksana handled customer service, and I'm not 100% sure Shane's involvement.


Then the legal battle over ownership happened, David vs the Cooks. David won, and the Cooks were no longer involved.

Based purely on my observation after the departure of Shane and Aksana (sometime between 2010 and 2012) the site FELL APART. It still worked, but just very badly.

I was in touch with David many times informing him of the difficulty of referring my readers to his site when it was so disjointed, but even after two years of telling him about the shortcomings of his site, not even one thing changed! Eventually the site came offline completely.

All evidence seems to indicate that David just lost interest in running the business.

Just like Elena (owner/founder of lost interest in the international dating business a few years ago and so the quality suffered (see my review at Elena's Models - Review), David later tried to sell Angelika Network. That was a pretty good indicator of his level of interest in the business.

New Review

So, given all that do I still recommend the Angelika Network?

Until recently many of the local Angelika Network affiliate agencies still operated independently of any large network and still offered high quality services, but as of now I only know of ONE that remains in existence, and I DO recommend them very highly.

Kiev, Ukraine Daisy Bride

But if you "stay tuned" I may soon (hopefully by early 2016) be able to announce another comparable network that I can recommend.