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by Robert Marion
(Kingsport TN, USA)

I had a very favorable experience using The site is "open" (allowing direct communications with all profile owners), it has high traffic (many new profiles being created weekly), and it offers a personality profile compatibility service.

The personality questionnaire seems to have been professionally created in the Russian native language, and perfectly translated for us in the west. My experience is that the compatibility ranking was dead-on, as all of the women I had correspondence with did share many life-goals in common! I had both women that I contacted first, and women that contacted me first.

After 6 weeks of narrowing down the candidates, I made a trip to meet my top candidate. Upon meeting my wife for the first time, it was difficult to imagine such a close personality match could have been predicted so well!

Since we must agree communications is only 7% based on actual spoken words, (and given the language and cultural barriers in international dating), the Russian-based personality profile compatibility system helped fill in the communication gaps much faster, with much greater accuracy than any previous experience!

Since the site is "Open", there is always risk of Scammers, but Bob does an excellent job of listing ways to sense this early in the process on this web site! I did have a few women try to start communication that didn't pass the "something fishy" test, but the site seemed to have good anti-scam policies in place as these few had their profiles "dropped" due to scam risk (as reported by the site).

Hope this helps!


Bob's Answer:

Thanks for the post, but when I browse to that page I get "This site was moved to".

But I happen to know about this site: It is the same as: I fully review that site on my site at - Review, and as you'll see from my review I believe it is an excellent site... Easily among the best in the business.

What Robert says about the high traffic was the first thing that jumped out at me.

I have never tried the personality profile compatibility services, but am glad to hear they work well.

The management of the site brags about being experts at spotting scammers before their profiles are even activated. And although one must always use common sense, my experience has shown that they're right. In probably a year or so on the site I have had one scammer experience, and following my own common sense rules, she was easily detected, and when I reported the situation to management they deleted her profile immediately.

And just so that you can be on the lookout, in this case the girl claimed to to not know enough English to understand, and even complained that the automated translation through the site was confusing. Then she recommended some other site whose primary purpose was to provide professional human translation with quick turnaround time. Of course, you pay-per-translation on that site.

Well, remember one of the rules: YOU always choose the services! In a case like this it'll be a 99% chance that the girl somehow earns profit from that other site.

Other than that, the site has been scam-free for me.

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