Any experience with small marriage agencies in Ukraine cities.

by Brandon
(Denver, Colorado)

So after a bit of general poking around, it seems that all Pay Per Letter sites are not trustworthy. I saw a reference to Daisy Bride (or something like that) on here and that one appears to be legit from the surface.

To me, it seems that many women would go to a local agency to submit their information and look at their options, and perhaps the best way to meet some of the real folks is to look into these marriage agencies.

I'm having trouble figuring out how this could go wrong if there is no PPL involvement and you pay a fee for the lady's contact information.

Thus far, for the "National Brands" the only ones that seem legit are the following:

Elena's Models
A Pretty Woman (A Foreign affair)
(Please insert any additional ones) -- I'm not sure how this works with obtaining contact information without going on the tour. I'm under the impression that you can ask in the emails to obtain their contact information and they will allow it with IMBRA disclosure. If the lady doesn't reply with their email address, I would assume to move on to someone else.

I would rather not go on a "Tour".

Any other websites you would recommend or do you have a list of legit "Local Ukrainian city" Agencies


Bob's Answer:

There used to be a perfect answer to the question about small marriage agencies... Angelika Network (no longer in existence). It was the best. It was a centralized site linking dozens of small independent agencies that were well-vetted, honest operations.

Daisy Bride is the only remaining agency still in operation. And I can vouch for them.

If you haven't already read A Foreign Affair - Review, I recommend you do that before spending any money at AFA (, A Foreign Affair).

AFA is DEFINITELY not exempt from my warnings about pay-per-letter. If you DO pay for a letter in which you ask the girl's direct contact one of several things will happen:

  • She'll ignore the request until you repeat it a few times (at ~$10/ea)
  • She'll send it but it will have a mistake in it
  • She'll send it, but when you contact her there she'll still reply via PPL

And remember, it may be the agency representative writing all this. NEVER NEVER NEVER pay per letter.

As for "tours" you need to be more specific. There are "Group Tours" and there are "Individual Tours". You probably mean "Group Tours". Those can be fun, but I think they're the highest cost/lowest success option available.

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