Apply for visa

by D.J.

apply for visa
then run out of money this is when they ask for money not have enough for air ticket

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RE: Apply for visa
by: Bob (site owner/author)

Hi D.J., I'm not completely sure I understand the question, but it looks like you're saying that you sent a girl money so that she could obtain a visa to visit you, but then she came back and asked for more money for the flights.

Spend some time reading information on this site about scams (and this Scams Q&A section).

It sounds like you're describing a very common scam... you meet Russian/Ukrainian girl online, she wants to come see you but needs money to obtain a visa. You send the money, then she needs more money for some other fake need. The needs will continue until you stop sending money, but she will never come. In fact, she probably never obtained that visa.

It's pretty simple, really. You NEVER SEND MONEY. If you really think she's real and you wanto to meet her in person, YOU must travel to HER CITY. You find and pay for your travel and accommodations. You pay for dinner and drinks, and maybe a small box of chocolates.

In no sane world do you send money to someone you've never met in person, or buy large, expensive gifts. At most you BUY DINNER (drinks, lunch, coffees).

Hope that helps. Feel free to add a new comment to this post to follow up.


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