Are Bride Forever and/or Golden Bride legit?

by Robert

I have received email solicitations from two other Russian dating sites besides Anastasia and I'm wondering if either is legit. They are called Golden Bride and Bride Forever. Each appears slightly different from one another and from Anastasia, and has some difference in features and format. Also, I am under the impression that AmoLatina and AsianDate are affiliates of Anastasia, and therefore also scams. Do you know if this is the case?


Bob's Answer:

I have never heard of any of these sites, but here are my observations based on a quick look... looks a TINY bit more legit than because not every girl on the home page is a smokin' hot swimsuit model. But one of the most fundamental rules of identifying and avoiding scammy agencies is to simply avoid agencies that offer pay-per-letter/pay-per-chat services, which both of these sites offer.

Sites like Golden Bride with profiles that look like they belong in Playboy who offer pay-per-letter, pay-per-chat, etc. are a bad gamble.

Your instincts about the other two sites ( and appear to be right on... They appear to be Anastasia affiliates. At first glance they look a lot like Cupid Media sites (, But if you do any clicking around on these two sites ( and you'll encounter the Anastasia connection.

For example, for both these sites ( and click on "About Us" and you'll see "Welcome to AnastasiaDate Family!"

So to summarize guidelines from other parts of my site, be concerned about any site or agency:

  1. That offers pay-per-letter/pay-per-chat services
  2. That has MANY very hot women
  3. Where really hot women initiate contact

Any site where all three of these are true is definitely a scam, but the first one is the most important. Just use sites that have unlimited communication for a period of time.

Hope that helps!

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About GoldenBride
by: Anonymous

GoldenBride is 100% authentic and non-scam. To comment on what appears to the writer rather than checking it out is irresponsible.

[Bob's Answer:]

First, to my readers... you never really know who is posting these comments. This comment could be from a representative of the site.

To "Anonymous": It's NOT irresponsible to use good common-sense judgment rather than doing in in-depth investigation of every agency/site in the business!

It's the ONLY way to keep up... If a site has only young, hot women, and if they offer pay-per-letter services, they're probably scamming. The slim outside possibility that this is the 1-in-a-hundred pay-per-letter sites that happens to be completely honest isn't worth an investigation when honest sites/agencies are so easy to find and identify.

As I describe on my site, one of the key practices in scam defense is never having an intermediary that controls the communication between the men and women. With pay-per-letter you never know if the girl you think is writing you is actually doing the writing, and if she is, if she's actually being paid to write.

It's not an accident that really young hot women will correspond with much older men via pay-per-letter services but would never correspond on sites where unlimited letters is included. It doesn't take a genius to see what's happening here.

Dear Robert
by: Mark

I use my real name, I have nothing to hide :) because there is so many blame people ,I won't call the real name of them which sounds like..."navies", specially older guys who are sick for young bodies...

I agree with you in 100% about way how those sites operating and all about is not let those guys to meet a woman, but about suck a money from there pocket. Dating sites are not anymore helping you find a future partner, all is a big corporate scam and business.

Robert, thank you so much for trying to open them eyes, but I think there is not to much sense do that, because more of those, specially older guys have a dreams and is very hard to cure them and take dreams away.

I have been scam so many times, ones so badly and expensive, then after a good, very first life lesson, I never make same mistake again.

My best regards
- Mark

[Bob's Comment:]

Thanks for your comments.

But I do want to make one small adjustment so as to avoid possible confusion here...

Yes, of course, if a 60 year old, overweight, unfit, financially challenged man posts a profile on a site, and before he evens puts up his pictures, very attractive 22-28 year old women are contacting him, then he needs to wake up and smell the coffee... it's not real, only a scam designed to play on his dreams.

If that same man posts a profile on NO ONE will contact him before he posts pics, and only the average-looking 45 year old women will contact him after he posts photos.

Now don't get me wrong, is an awesome site, and there are as many young, beautiful women there as on any other site that I've ever seen. But they usually don't initiate contact, and certainly not with an overweight, unfit, broke, 60 year old without pictures!

BUT, I don't accept all of your conclusions...

The "dream" -- within reason -- and sometimes beyond -- can come true! Really, read Why Russian Women?. For reasons explained on that page, I maintain that most American men can find a younger, sweeter, more attractive, more suitable woman in Russia/Ukraine than they could in America. A super model for an overweight, unfit, financially challenged 60 year old... probably not. But maybe a slender, attractive-for-her-age 44 year old grocery store clerk... and far better than he'd probably find in America... absolutely!

And, quite frankly, even wilder dreams CAN come true.

by: Phillip

I agree with Bob. I visit these sites, post a profile with no pictures, and one lady liked my pictures.... so who put it there? Not me! I wrote email to this site and they did not reply. A lady on wrote me 67 letters!! I did not reply because I didn't buy credits!! I felt sorry for this lady (Juan). The site actually replied the letters to her, not me!! Many times she thanked me for replying her with such beautiful and romantic letters. I also believe and have proof that these sites write the letter without them knowing. I also believe that some of the ladies are working for these sites to make money. I also realize that lots of these women are on all these sites! They must be very rich to afford it? Which sites are true?

[Bob's Comment:]

Thanks for the post. The final question: "Which sites are true?"... Read my reviews, OR, at least start with sites that are either free or charge one fixed price for a period of time for unlimited contact with unlimited women. Not all of those are scam-free either, but in those cases the scams are not coordinated by the site/agency, but strictly by the women, and in almost every case they're much easier to recognize as scammers (i.e. in many cases you start hearing "I want to come visit you but can't afford the flights", etc., after 3 messages).

Due diligence
by: Robert

Interesting comments...

I've been on many Ukrainian sites and to be fair most of them are scams, but I do believe there are some genuine women on there trying to meet someone and they do stand out.

For starters they don't seem so desperate, the letters seem a bit more realistic and down to earth, and they don't keep on about live chat trying to encourage you to join in.

The best advice I can give from my experience is if it seems to good to be true, even if you're slightly suspicious then it's a scam, just move on with your search or make no mistake they will empty your bank account in a heartbeat!! And they probably celebrate it too, another western sucker thanks very much for your money... that will help to pay my tuition bills/rent for the next year...

I joined Anastasiadate about four years ago and didn't have much luck, I was scammed but luckily only took me for seventy pounds, I got my fingers burnt but I learnt my lesson and I have been ultra careful ever since, incidentally if I go on to Anastasisdate now the same women are still on there trying to invite me to chat, either they have had some rotten luck with finding a partner or they are employees of the firm! I suspect the latter

[Bob's Comment:]


Did yall know that many pay-per-letter operations (including AFA and AnastasiaDate) actually have it in their terms of use that they write letters on behalf of women? At least with AFA they say it is only for "introductory" letters, and they hide it behind a lot of tricky lawyer-speak, but it's there.

Robert's advice above is good, "if it seems too good to be true...", but I'll top that -- If it's pay-per-letter, most of the time the girl isn't writing you. Don't try too hard to determine whether SHE is genuine or not, serious or not, etc. Those are good questions to ask when you're dealing with a one-price-unlimited-contact site.

When dealing with pay-per-letter sites it's probably more often the case that the staff is writing for the girls. The girl may be very serious and very genuine, but may not be actively participating.

by: Anonymous


Wrote to 3 Ladies at great expense. The ladies all said they wanted to meet me, but as soon as I tried to make arrangements I was told by lady "I don't have any holidays".

The site claims you can get the ladies email by buying flowers/Gifts, but every time you try the lady does not accept gifts. Just for fun I tried lots of ladies every one: "This lady does not accept gifts".

Crazy expensive site.

Just a money hungry site

[Bob's Note:]

OK, so maybe you haven't read my whole site yet, so let me write this as often as possible so that web searchers have the best chance of reading this: Pay-per-letter deals are almost ALWAYS losers for the guy and should be avoided like the plague.

What you've experienced here is EXACTLY what I'd expect.

Most of the time pay-per-letter sites either just write letters on behalf of the women (with or without the women's knowledge), or they actually pay the women a portion of the per letter fee for writing you.

And you're LUCKY they turned you down for a meeting, otherwise it could go a lot like My Experience With Anastasia Date (this was written by a reader of my site, not me).

Bride Forever
by: JLR

I have been on many sites claiming to have women that are interested in marriage ranging from Ukraine all with Russia and many other former Soviet union countries. I travel to Ukraine not to specifically meet women but I ended up meeting with an agency representative . Brides forever is basically a broker and many small agencies that get women to sign on and post photographs. They have two addresses one in Kiev Ukraine and the other is in the Netherlands. Although this site may appear to be illegitimate it has to be in order to generate money, however the screening women is done by each individual agency that contracts or uses brides forever website. It is been my experience based on Two people that I know in Ukraine that run/own these types of agencies. It was their opinion that approximately 5% or less of the women were seriously looking for a relationship. How can you blame these women when they don't have to pay a dime in order to talk to you. It's the men in the west But have to pay for all the services. Chat rooms, WebCam visits, one photo center at a time, and eventually they will release some personal information or you can contact them. It is been my personal experience out of 15 women that I have met since February 2015 I only stayed in touch with two and I did receive their personal contact information and we are talking outside of the agencies website. Eventually, if you do plan a trip to any of these countries they will then go to their agency and that agency will contact you and set up the date and time where you will meet this potential girlfriend, lover and or future spouse. There is a great deal of fraud in these websites. For these websites it's not about finding "true love" it's about money and only money!

On more than 10 occasions I received letters that were either exact duplicates or translations of other letters I received from women. I complained in writing several times and they apologized and gave me the credit that I used to write them the letter because after all they have to pay translators.

If you want to have fun and talk dirty to these girls and spend hundreds of dollars a month, then go for it! However, I would highly suggest that you attempt to establish direct contact with your potential lady and eventually prepare yourself to move to the next stage which is talking directly to her via the Internet and a WebCam . Some point in time you'll have to meet in person and this is where everything that you've been talking about online will fall into place. It is at this time that you need to use your logic and not your motions to make decisions. I have taken multiple trips to Ukraine without any preconceived notion's of meeting that "special lady" remember, many, many of these women have never traveled to the west. Although they are mostly highly educated, talented and very beautiful, you need to look beyond that and realize that it's a very long arduous process to get your intended woman to the US, if that is her final destination.. I would be very careful with the woman from Odessa Ukraine this is a very huge stock in the dating/international married to broker agency destination. Became full specially of one woman named Maria that owns a beauty salon with long black hair that lives in Odessa. She is a shyster, manipulator and a liar. Best of wishes to all of you you can find a woman but finding one is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Asian date is the biggest scam
by: Anonymous

I was scammed by AsianDate big time. I tried to straighten it out with them but they told me I wasn't scammed? I should know, I'm the one who got scammed.

It's all a set up, there's certain women that are too good to be true. When I finally called the girl after spending a substantial amount of money, the interpreter took the whole time just translating my email and the call ended before she could give my email to the girl.

The interpreter barely spoke English. Even after I told them they scammed me. The girl kept contacting me like nothing had happened, and we were still going to get together together, which was the worst part, like I was stupid and wanted to get scammed some more.

I say be very careful. They think if Facebook endorse stem it's okay.

Most of the dating sites are all scams waiting for the next sucker. I really wouldn't trust, it just doesn't sound legitimate. I'm just giving my opinion, because I went through it. Who you going to believe, the scammer or the scammed? If have money to waste go for it.

[Bob's Comment:]

AsianDate is AnastasiaDate (see the "About Us" page at Now read
AnastasiaWeb - Review.

Thanks for allowing me ONE MORE OPPORTUNITY to point out the simplest way to avoid these ridiculous scams...

You know the joke: "How can you tell when a politician is lying? Answer: His mouth moves."

The foreign online dating equivalent: How can you tell when you're being scammed by an agency/site? Answer: You're paying by the letter.

That's 99% of what you NEED to know: DON'T USE PAY-PER-LETTER SERVICES.

And FYI, Facebook doesn't "endorse" any more than a newspaper "endorses" things advertised in the classified section. Anastasia pays for a LOT of online advertising.

If you're serious about meeting a foreign woman, read the rest of my reviews at Russian Dating Sites Reviewed and pick one with a good review. And while you're at it, READ THIS WHOLE SITE and you'll never be scammed again!

Golden Bride and Dream one love
by: Anonymous

These two sites are populated by drop dead gorgeous women who often initiate contact. I have seen the same woman on two different sites with 2 different names. I get the lasting impression that I am taking to nice and sweet women but after seeing the same woman on 2 different sites I became convinced once and for all that these 2 sites are a joke and should be avoided at all costs. Anastasia date is the same. You start to wonder if they work for the site and get paid to chat with you.

[Bob's Note:]

Many pay-per-letter sites do either hire women to write messages or share letter revenue with the women. I almost always advise against pay-per-letter sites unless you REALLY know they're honest (but until you REALLY KNOW, assume they're not honest).

An escape or a trap?
by: Paul

I was on Cherry Blossoms (Asian dating site) and occasionally got an email from Russian/Ukrainian women (I am slim, well groomed and financially secure) giving me their email address and a pic or two, none of them overtly sexy but beautiful with profiles suited to men who are looking for class, with a nicely written letter.

Without jumping to conclusions or searching for reasonable doubt, what are your opinions?

I am beginning to believe that the woman I want lives within an hours' drive...

[Bob's Comment:]

I'm not exactly sure I know what opinions you're asking for? Do you mean about the validity of Cherry Blossoms, or these occasional Russian/Ukrainian women writing you there?

Without signing up I cannot see how Cherry Blossoms works, so tell me, do you pay one price for unlimited communication, or do you pay by the letter/chat?

If you're paying by the letter and getting intro letters from desirable women, then I'd bet that the typical pay-per-letter tricks are in use... Either the agencies are writing on behalf of the women or the women are writing their own letters in exchange for a share of the pay-per-letter revenue their letters generate.

by: Jr

Hi all,

Golden Bride are definitely a scam website. First I tested a few girls and it turned out to be what I expected.

Man I can't find a real dating site, damn!!!

[Bob's Comment:]

Read my site, especially the scams sections, and the reviews section. There are good sites out there, but none of them work on a pay-per-letter basis.

Its a dream
by: Jlibido

Well gentlemen, your letters fascinate me. I too have made contribution to these sites. Legit? Well, Russian women live in oppressed circumstances. They seem a bit desperate. Can't blame them. Beautiful? Absolutely gorgeous. Charming? Absolutely. Yes, if you are poor and unattractive stop now. It costs 10000 to have Ukraine government release a woman for marriage. Email? Yes I have received personal email from ladies on the site. Trust me, they know how to do it. So in getting email, what was disappointing was the lady then shows need for money. However, it was not costing to chat through personal email. So, yes the women are real. Yes, they want to leave Ukraine. Average income is about 200 to 400 dollars a month. Yes, I sent money and I do not regret it.

I received many many nude pics from ladies. OMG, hot hot bodies. These women are a dream.

Some have been able to get to USA.

The most obvious concern is the women expect money even for sex, so if you travel to Ukraine, Serbia, etc, be prepared to pay something if in fact they show up to meet you. Guys, ladies are poor.

Several Ukraine babes do massage in Chicago burbs. Hot ladies, but tough to know.

Personally, I hope ladies get something for their time in these sites. I have told these sites that the system is just pimping these ladies for monetary gain.

[Bob's Comment:]

Before I really answer, let me straighten up one factual error: It does not cost ANYTHING to have Ukraine (or Russian) government "release a woman for marriage".

Now to the real answer: Sorry, but this is ridiculous!

What is acceptable for someone to do because they are poor? Would it be OK for someone poor to take money from someone else at gunpoint? Would it be OK for them to kidnap a child and hold him/her for ransom money?

You would probably say "No" to these.

But would it be OK for a poor person to roll back the mileage on a car from 230,000 miles to 70,000 miles and sell it to you for the 70,000 mile price? That doesn't harm (or threaten harm) in exchange for money, it only misrepresents, lies.

THAT is what these network agencies are doing! They represent that they are providing one service (authentic, direct communication with women whose intentions are MARRIAGE) when the reality is that they are not. Same with the women who profit from these schemes. They extract money from men under false pretenses. They are odometer-rolling.

If someone can't escape poverty without cheating someone else, then better to remain poor.

But you are misguided as to the poverty. A REALLY attractive Ukrainian woman really "workin it" on big pay-per-letter sites/agencies could easily be earning a LOT more than you!

pay to play
by: j

You are incorrect on not being charged for letters on russian-ukrainian-women. a standard member sending to another standard member requires payment by one or the other.

[Bob's Reply:]

Sorry, I think there's a little misunderstanding... On you don't pay PER LETTER. It's like and thousands of other legitimate paid membership sites. You pay for a period of membership during which you can send and receive (and read) unlimited messages to/from unlimited other members, and exchange direct contact information if you choose.

In a pay-per-letter operation you pay for EVERY message. Details vary. Sometimes you pay a pack of "credits" and you can use these credits to pay for letters, and the more credits you buy at one time the cheaper each message is. Sometimes you only pay for outbound messages, sometimes you must pay for each incoming and outgoing message. But in the end the more you write the more you pay.

So, pay-per-letter sites either hire gorgeous women to join their site and send letters and keep conversations going as long as possible, or simply steal the photos of regional models and create fake identities and write you on behalf of these fake identities.

With "pay-per-letter" the site/agency has every motive to keep the conversation going because there's profit in it for them.

On sites like no party to a communication has that incentive, and experience bears this out. When you write to 100 of the most beautiful women at, maybe 10 reply, and probably none of those 10 write much more than "Hi, nice to meet you". When you write to the 100 most beautiful women at pay-per-letter sites and 99 of them will write back with a sweet, enticing message and will correspond for as long as you are willing.

With a membership site you might pay $40/month if you buy only a month at a time. Assuming you actually believe the pay-per-letter correspondence is authentic, site you could easily pay $40/day on the pay-per-letter site.

Isn't the difference kind of obvious? is a scam
by: Edward

Google has a feature called search google for this image. Using this feature, I was able to obtain the email addresses of two girls, who are in fact, a famous model and a former beauty contestant. I contacted both and never got a reply. Point of story: there are way too many beautiful women/models on Using the search, anyone can obtain these girl's photos, so you really don't know who you are talking to! Thanks, Google Search for helping me on this issue!

Match making Internet Sites Beware!!
by: Anonymous

They are scams for sure. Here are some additional things to look for:

1- The date the lady joined the site

2- Most photos are photoshop enhanced

3- Most videos are staged in a light controlled studio

4- Cost of credits to open ONE of her letters. The hot sexy models are high; very expensive $13-to-$19. These are the revenue generating models for the agency(ies)

5- You must read a high number of letters before they can share her personal email. You will find that info in the FAQ section. So a $19 model will cost you $285. Just for one model in less than 3 month say. That is $95 per month membership for ONE sexy model

6- The ladies will engage you in a fantasy, sex or trivial chain letters. You will keep paying if you are not aware of the revenue model.

7- They use multiple agencies to connect their clients to you. That is smaller agencies (could be legit) "offered" access to the mega sites to split the generated revenue.

8- The sites do not sell ads and no monthly membership fees, so stay away from pay per letter sites. they will tell you it is cheaper. (see #5 above)

9- There is no guarantee that you will get the lady contact information to continue to know each other even if you paid the $50 fee. The ladies who work for the sites will turn you down even after a long letter writing campaign.

10 - Finally read their testimony from their clients. Sadly to say none of the married laddies off their sites are the "hot and sexy." What does that tell you about their services??

My advice to anyone seeking their soulmate through match making sites is to go to sites that charge you nothing, OR charge a FIXED monthly membership that you can cancel anytime.

I did not find any statistics on the net of the success rate of matchmaking on any site.

I hope this helps.

RE: Anonymous
by: Bob (Site Owner)

RE: Anonymous - Thanks for the contribution.

The only thing I feel the need to comment on is #1, the date the lady joined the site. Some legitimate sites often don't present that information, and I think there are reasonable bases for excluding it.

But your conclusion is right on: Use free or paid membership sites (i.e. that allow unlimited access for a period of time rather than paying by the letter).

Frankly, if people could just believe me on the pay-per-letter advice it would be so much better for them!

There are all these signs that typically accompany scammy operations, but the 100% objective, measurable, knowable factor is the pay-per-letter model. It's really exactly this simple: If a site charges by the letter (or chat, or video), they're almost surely scamming.

No matter how many other signs that may or may not be present, this one sign tells 99% of the story!

Bride Forever and TRUE FATE 2 U
by: Drmonty

I have paid to both of these sites. Both are pay per letter or credits per letter.

True Fate 2 u is a complete waste of your money because I have copied TWO letters written to me from SUPPOSEDLY 2 different girls, one in Mexico and the other in Colombia, BUT at this particular time, THEY BOTH wrote me THE EXACT SAME LETTER only 2 minutes apart from 2 different countries and time zones. I WAS SO BLOWN AWAY, that I just burned up the little bit of money I had left on the site, and PERMANENTLY DELETED my profile.

There are either MEN OR WOMEN or BOTH at the receiving end when we write our letters, and they pretend to be the girl on the site, BUT IT'S ALL PURE BULLSHIT.

It's a shame, because YOU CAN get a broken heart from these ruthless scumbags.

A SITE THAT DOES NOT ALLOW THE WOMEN TO GIVE YOU THEIR CONTACT INFORMATION means that EVERY SINGLE LETTER YOU WRITE gets read by the editing team that makes SURE the girl does not give out her information to you, and that YOUR information that you send to her MANY TIMES does not reach her... YOUR LAST NAME, YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, PHOTOS WITH YOUR NAME OR A PHONE NUMBER OR EMAIL IN THE PHOTO are deleted.

HOW DOES THAT FEEL???? EVERY SINGLE LETTER AND PHOTO YOU SEND TO THESE SEEMINGLY LOVING GIRLS WHO WANT ONLY YOU, is read and reviewed the team at the other end, and EDITED OR DELETED totally from your letter.

This hurts Russia's image because THEY ARE SO BIG ON THIS DATING SCAM CRAP. Putin should just put out the word that if you run a scam like this, you will be executed. JUST WATCH HOW FAST THEY ALL CLEAN UP THEIR ACTS.

THE ONLY WAY TO GO, is to just pay a monthly fee with unlimited contact and FREEDOM TO SEND AND RECEIVE ANYTHING YOU WANT. You pay your fee, and what you do after that is up to you.

THIS WAY you can get real information from the girls... JUST DON'T SEND THEM ANY MONEY.


RE: Bride Forever and TRUE FATE 2 U
by: Bob (Site Owner)

RE: Bride Forever and TRUE FATE 2 U

Right on track, except one tiny adjustment to where you talk about how the sites edit messages between you and the girls to remove any contact information.

On the one hand if it is in the TOS (Terms of Service) of the site that contact info may not be exchanged, then this is simply a reasonable enforcement of their policy.

The part that's a little off is your assumption that the girls on the other end are always innocent victims - that they would exchange contact info and communicate with you directly if they could.

That MAY be the case with some of the less skeezy pay per letter operations (LESS skeezy -- they're ALL skeezy, but some more skeezy than others), but more often than not the girl is actually the one doing the writing.

I would label AFA as one of the less skeezy operations (but still skeezy!). At AFA the youngest, hottest women you've ever seen will send you intro messages. In that case, it's usually the affiliate agency on the ground in Ukraine/Russia sending those messages on behalf of the girls. THAT MUCH is even specified in AFA's TOS.

While non-intro letters (i.e. ongoing letters) are not specifically addressed in the TOS, my own personal experience (blended with some common sense) suggests that often ongoing letters are also written by the agency.

In these cases the site is the "wolf" and the girl the knowing or unknowing passive participant (the "lamb", the "bait").

But with other big networks - and to stay away from any lawyer crap I'll not specifically name them - the girls are flat out partnered with the agencies.

In that case the agency isn't getting your messages and stripping out contact details. The girl is just ignoring that. You see, as long as you're paying $4-$10 per letter each way, she continues to get paid. She definitely doesn't want to take your communication off-site. She IS the wolf!

But yes... Use MEMBERSHIP SITES ONLY. You still need to keep your eyes open because individual scammers are there too, but they're much easier to spot.

by: Mike

I'd like to weigh in on this. I read some of the comments about "pay-per-letter" or per minute for chats, etc. (i.e. Bride Forever), but figured I'd just do my own experiment. I should say I don't even remember setting up a profile (because I didn't), but figured I could test these other theories too after creating a real one as there should be some real profiles on there, right? I didn't bother with it for many months because I know many seem to be a scam.

I mean, why would a gorgeous woman send a message to a completely blank profile with just a name? Odd...happened a lot, but ok, after creating a profile eventually more messages show...I started chatting with a few, at least 2 or 3 of which I had longer, more detailed forward a little and one day one lady that I didn't respond to (we only talked once) because I didn't want to talk again, and also because I was suspicious, started sending annoying messages, and threatening me with sending angry emojis, and things like "I'll keep sending messages until you respond..." you know, childish things like that. So anyway, I was chatting with one person that I had been chatting with for maybe over a week or so, and did have suspicions about her but since we had some good conversations I was still feeling it out.

After I started getting these odd messages from OTHER random profiles (which I took screenshots of), one of which said in Russian "You know I'm not Real" and then went on to say they were tired of taking my money, why am I "wasting my time here, and all the girls here are fake and im just translator and girls get paid for the messages..." etc.

BINGO!! Of course I saved that one, it only happened when I was ignoring several profiles (one of which was the classic "gorgeous" one who sent tons of pictures and initiated contact...), and of course to view each message is another token, see? Anyway, they monitor chats because the one person I was talking to that I mentioned above asked me about hair color, and I gave her my opinion...and this other chat I was ignoring chimed in about it and was saying something about I should like her color..not the other person' they went on trying to brag about how they're taking money and so on...and clearly monitoring all the chats I guess...pretty bold...

Of course, and I told the girl I was talking to this after about 30 mins or so because I figured if she's up for it and real, we should meet up at some point in a few months, and of course I got odd excuses that made no sense...but she didn't understand and claimed her feelings were hurt. So who knows, maybe she happened to be real and was just a casualty of the translators and website owners' schemes...likely not though...either way, you should listen to your gut. Oh, also the other very attractive and seemingly smart profile that had said previously to me it'd be fun to hang out, after asking her in my previous letter about possibly meeting up somewhere later in the year, she also had some lame that's the easy red flag, if one moment they're acting like they'd be up for that and their profile says they're ready to meet and so on, obviously not since usually they can squeeze more money out. I complained on their website and told them to feel free to chime in since there was all this proof,etc. but I'm sure I won't hear anything about it...

So Agreed, to repeat what has been said already - membership sites would be a better choice of your time and money. Sites like this are almost certainly all fake, and the site has a huge part to play if the "Translators" etc. are a part of it... I'll have to look into other places where I can file a complaint, not sure if matters though...and whatever other actual "reputable" sites may have a better record, so I'd appreciate that info if you have it.

by: Bob (Site Owner)

Thanks for the contribution, BUT DUDE, you said you did this as an experiment AFTER reading about pay-per-letter scams, and now you're looking for a place to file a complaint? Does not compute.

The fakeness can enter at a number of different levels. Yes, it can just be that a "translator" does all the corresponding while the actual girls aren't even aware of the correspondence. They're probably real, and probably agreed to have their names, descriptions, and photos used, but don't participate in the communications.

Another version is where the girls are actually recruited to participate in the dialogs and paid a share of the revenue. In this case (as would have to be the case in video chats) the girl really is the one communicating, but not because she's serious about you.

As skeezy as they are, AFA is probably one of the more "reputable" sites. WAIT! Don't stone me yet! Let me 'splain...

You can read my review at A Foreign Affair - Review and see that I'm not much of a fan, BUT they do at least SAY in their terms of service that they correspond on behalf of the women. It's probably the case that SOME of the women are real and serious. Not the Playboy centerfold models across the top banner of the site or the ones sending you intro messages, but some.

But here's the thing... If you spend $8,000 USD on letters and then come to believe you were scammed, John Adams (AFA president) isn't going to give you one dime back.

But they are in the U.S., and you can file a lawsuit against them and report them to the BBB. In the lawsuit you'll pay a $5000 retainer to a lawyer who will charge you $350/hour to handle your case. He'll make sure to get 10 billable hours logged before telling you that you don't have a case because "the TOS that you agreed to by using the site states that letters aren't always written by the girls..."

With the BBB AFA will just reply and say the same thing... "It's in our terms of service to which Mike agreed..."

Instead of spending the $8000 on letters and $4000 more on a lawyer, use it to BUY AN APARTMENT IN Kiev and live there till you find a girl!

Guys, if you're going to use pay-per-letter (or pay-per-chat, pay-per-call, pay-per-video-meeting, etc.) you're going to get scammed and you will almost surely never get any satisfactory feeling of justice by complaining anywhere.

But if you KNOW that if you're paying-per you are being scammed, then DON'T DO THAT! SERIOUSLY.

by: Mike

Bob, Thanks for reading and the additional info. Yes, I had read to beware as a small there was some real ladies on there but not many, so was curious as stated and wasn’t sure it’d be so blatant. I just did not expect it to be at that level. Believe me, after the initial multiple incoming messages from certain profiles I suspected I wouldn’t be on there long, and I wasn’t going to spend much just to check out a site like not on there long at all. As you mentioned, you’d be better of living there for a while, or going with one of the more reputable ones. But I agree with you, and it seems in most cases nothing would be done. I was looking at your other guides on the site and it’s proving helpful.

by: Bob (Site Owner)

You're welcome, and I'm glad my information is helping!

I would really guess that in pay-per-letter your odds of something "real" are in the neighborhood of 1%.

by: Charles

I started using this site in September, but beware: all the money you spend is really LOST! It's the system to buy credits to write a letter. Better to go on holidays and try to meet a nice, true Lady.

Website with a good app
by: Terry

I don't like to use a desktop so I need to fast and understandable application. Goldenbride has it. And it's good for me. Many good-looking women there and I still don't understand why so many people write negatively about this website.

[Bob's Note:]

Terry - Did you get the impression from other comments that people were criticizing the quality of the APP or WEBSITE, or the looks of the women?

The question at hand is whether these sites are HONEST or not. Let us know when you're $10,000 into pay-per-letter fees but no real relationship.

golden bride scam
by: angry mom

My son paid a lot of money for 9 months talking to a girl whom he thought would be a perfect wife from Kyiv, he was on Rondavo. Then one day he went on to ask for her hand in marriage and there was no account, so I went on the internet with her photos and found her on Golden Bride, I emailed them and told their administrative dept what had happened and told them she is on Golden Bride now. I sent pictures of her my son was given and I sent his information and asked if they would be so kind to let her know my son was looking for her to ask her to marry him. Golden Bride said my son had to buy coins on their site or buy her a gift to send his information to the lady. I explained my son spent thousands to court her on Rondavo and they never gave him any information on her and he will give her everything as his wife in America. They claim to love to make family but yet they wont pass my contact information to her,I was going to come to Ukraine to meet her and her family to tell them my son wants to marry their daughter. My son is busy at this time, we would love to have her in our family. And I am tired of the scams. And I have let them know how I feel about scam artists. The person that sends email to me never signs their name or title, just Golden Bride. I'm looking for the CEO of this GOLDEN BRIDE. I would like to chat. Anyone know the owner of Golden Bride? please contact me Thank you

[Bob's Answer:]

There are effective ways to find a girl in Ukraine without being scammed, but you really need to have some information (all free on this website, and most of which is summarized in my reply to the original post in this thread). If you (or your son) just jumps right into a pay-per-letter scene it's almost all scam.

Read my whole site... that's what it's all about!

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