Are Russian women open to interracial relationships?

by Jay
(Orlando, FL)

Question: Are Russian women open to interracial relationships? More specifically, do they date/marry non-Caucasians? And even more specifically, do Russian women date "black" men?

Bob's Answer: As a Caucasian I don't have any direct experience with this, but I did a little research.

First, when I go to Elena's Models and perform a search, it allows me to specify the parameters I seek in a woman, but it also allows me to specify a few parameters about myself so that the search only returns a list of women whose preferences I match (in other words, I can enter "My Age" and "My Race" so that my search will only return women looking for men of my age and race).

If I specify that I'm "African/Black" my search returns thousands of hits. Although the vast majority of those say "Race: Not Important", some specifically include "African/Black" in the list of races they seek. Clearly those women would be open to dating men of color. I suspect that the majority of those who specified that they seek "Race: Not Important" just did that to answer the question quickly so as to not chase away any opportunities.

I also read my favorite forum on this subject,, and found a few interesting articles directly on point:,13333,5112.0

Besides just addressing this question, these forum posts actually offer some helpful advice for men of African descent to help them more successful with Russian women.

In a nutshell, they look at race a little differently in Russia/Ukraine, but there are many women open to the right interracial relationship.

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