Are Russian/Ukrainian women open-minded about hearing-impaired men?

by Craig

I've experienced with local ladies that they judge me because of my hearing for one reason or another. I've found it's best to not say anything about it otherwise they won't give me the light of day. Would this be same with Russian/Ukrainian women? It's my main reason for looking overseas for a wife. I want a fair chance like any other guy. This raises a question about communication, to be honest I haven't spoken with an eastern European women so not sure if I can understand them with their accents like I can with Germans or Italians. I can't speak on phones due to my hearing so it really limits me to simply emails and perhaps something like Skype if I can manage it. By the way, I love the details you go into on this site and find some of it true from my experience.

Bob's Answer:

I must start by admitting that I have no direct evidence or information on such a matter, so I'm left only to speculate.

Be careful about being too self-conscious about your hearing. THAT could hinder your efforts more than the actual hearing issue itself. If YOU think of it as a significant handicap, you'll probably subconsciously communicate that to them, and THEN it becomes an issue that it may not have become otherwise.

If you can understand Italian and German ACCENTS, then seemingly your hearing isn't so impaired that you can't converse, right? If it's a matter of accents, I would think you could learn to recognize Russian accents as easily as German or Italian.

Very few Russian/Ukrainian women I've ever encountered seem to have a strong preference for communication via phone. Serious Russian/Ukrainian women would prefer in-person meetings rather than phone or Skype anyway.

Almost anyone not very used to Russian accents already has to ask many times for things to be repeated. Even though I've been married to a Russian woman (now divorced) I still find myself asking Russian/Ukrainian women on Skype to repeat approximately one out of every four sentences.

They might think my hearing is impaired :)

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Russian Movies Continuously
by: JIM


Have you tried watching Russian movies. Not just one. Many.

If you feel this awkward way with a woman, then she will pick this up immediately, and your relations will be doomed.

You need to show strong confidence in yourself and her - especially when together.

It is a must!

Are Russian/Ukranian women open-minded about hearing-impaired men?
by: Craig

Thanks for replying guys, so the question about mentioning my hearing in a profile is a hit and miss then. Hard to say something about hearing issue without people jumping to conclusions as to severity etc. That then entails explaining exactly how it affects me which then creates a negative spin in profile. Otherwise if I don't mention it it's a hit and miss if it comes out later that I do have a hearing problem. So in effect I indirectly lied about me as a person.

So I'm perhaps I'm doomed unless I tried very very hard and persist.

P.S. I can't tell difference between accents really, I can either understand or I don't.

Is hearing the challenge, or the accents?
by: Bob

Hi Craig

When you said "not sure if I can understand them with their accents like I can with Germans or Italians", that really lead me (and apparently the other commenter) to suspect that your challenge was more an issue of your confidence in your ability to understand accents.

Because of that, I wouldn't consider it "lying" to not mention it in your profile. At least try... see how it goes... if it turns out you really can't understand because of your hearing, then update your profile. But no need to admit to something that may not even be a real problem.

And remember what I said above about having to ask Russian/Ukrainian women to repeat things often via Skype. You wouldn't be the first to often need to ask a girl to repeat things.


Time Spent Together
by: Jim


I was reading your newest comments on your issue.

I truly believe, you must spend 'quality' time together to see how both of you 'gel together' as a long-term couple.

You will see how she is around you, and further, you both can communicate together with recognition towards both of your cultures. Never to be withheld.

You get what you wish for.

And, this will show you how distinctive her accent is to your ears.

Be honest, and then you'll see and hear the truth.

Other than this, you will be unsuccessful without it.

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