Meet Beautiful Russian Women on Group Tours

For some men the best way to meet beautiful Russian women will be to use the "group tours" offered by several large agencies.

My first Ukraine trip was on a "group tour", and for me it was the only way to do it for my first trip. I showed up at JKF airport in New York at the designated date/time and looked for the guy at my gate holding up the sign for our group. After that, I just followed the group. After we cleared customs at the Kiev airport someone was waiting with another sign, and they led us to the shuttle van which took us to our pre-arranged, pre-paid hotel.

That night after we unpacked and cleaned up, the "tour director" gave us an orientation, almost every word of which I still remember. Over the next ten days there were three big parties during which we could meet beautiful Russian women from the agency, and the agency staff was always on hand to answer any questions or concerns we had. Additionally, I had 15-20 "comrades" all in the same boat as me.

While the "group tour" is great for those who really feel the need for the start-to-finish organization and handholding included on this type of tour, it is a little more expensive than most individual tours.

Also, some characteristics of the group tour can provide a less than ideal environment to meet these beautiful Russian women and start a serious long-term relationship with them. The reason for this is that these tours are centered around "socials" (parties where you meet Russian women clients of the agency). On the tour I attended, which was representative of most group tours (from what I hear), there were about 10 women for every man. That may sound great at first, and is often touted as a selling point, but this imbalance has a few catches if you are serious about meeting someone.

First and foremost, these group tours have a very widespread reputation among single Russian women, and many decent, sincere, self-respecting women (i.e. the kind you most want to meet) who know how these group tours work would never be caught dead at one of their socials!

I suspect I'll receive some negative feedback about this, but if needed, I'll go get a hundred beautiful Russian women to add their thoughts here about group tours and you'll get the picture!

I'm not saying no attractive, decent, sincere, self-respecting beautiful Russian women show up at these events, just not very many. And usually, never more than once!

But don't let this downside scare you away completely... there are ways of really making a group tour work for you.

There are two companies whose group tours I would recommend: A Pretty Woman and A Foreign Affair

I have been on AFA's group tours before, A Pretty Woman is a good company that offers comparable tours where one can meet Russian women.

For AFA tours you can learn all you need to know at their website, but I can offer some useful information about how to meet beautiful Russian women during their group tours that won't be emphasized in the "brochure".

The most important thing I can advise about group tours is that you stay focused on why you are there! If you are there to meet someone that may turn out to be your future wife, then make sure to do the kinds of things that will most likely move you toward that goal.

One thing to keep in mind regarding this advice is to be careful NOT to rely very heavily on the "socials" (parties where you meet the girls) to achieve this goal for you. IF you go to the socials, remember to GET PHONE NUMBERS, and try to set up dates with the girls you like.

But I feel I must help you adjust your expectations of what you will see at the socials. Of the guys I know who have been on AFA's group tours, one consistent opinion among them was that they were bit disappointed in the women that showed up at the socials. On the website page promoting the tours you see these pictures of all these seriously hot babes, and all this talk about how they're going to be at the social, and how AFA's socials are by invitation only for the women and that only the best women are invited.

From AFA's hype you'd think all the girls at the socials were carefully selected, pre-screened swimsuit models. Well, my observation (and the observation of everyone else I know who has been there on an AFA tour) seemed more like they went out on the street and handed out flyers to anyone who would take them. To be sure, there were some quality women there - attractive, decent, sincere women. But it's nothing like what the site presents. And NONE of the girls you list as those you'd like to see invited will be there. You might as well not even submit the guest list as they request.

But there is one thing I would highlight that can make or break the tour that they don't emphasize much. AFA tours include "unlimited introductions" in the price of the tour. This simply means you go to the AFA agency office (which during the tour relocates to a room in the hotel where you're staying), thumb through the binders filled with women's profiles from that city, and tell the AFA employee working in the office who you want to meet. Actually, you might even consider compiling a list based on the website before you even go.

The AFA representative will get on the phone, call the girl, briefly describe you, and ask the girl if she'd like to meet you. They almost always agree - even the most beautiful ones. This service is offered by almost all agencies for a fee of $30-$50 per intro, but on an AFA tour you get unlimited intros at no extra cost. And don't hesitate to ask the office worker who is calling the girls if she knows them, and what she thinks of them. Chances are good she does, and her feedback will be valuable. This feature is the best way to meet the most beautiful Russian women on a group tour.

If you go on an AFA tour, START USING THE PERSONAL INTRO SERVICES THE MINUTE YOU ARRIVE, AND NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY, it is perfectly OK to schedule a date overlapping a social (party). As a matter of fact, you should NOT go to a social unless you could not get a date (don't tell AFA staff that I told you this :-). On your first night there they will have an orientation where they will tell you how important it is that you attend all the socials, and why it is important. IGNORE that part of the orientation.