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I have come across a site that seems to be very large and active and has not been mentioned on here. It is called I checked it out and the number of stunning women is way up there. I read through the site and it appears to have a pay per letter component to it. Meaning you have to pay credits to write a letter and they do not allow exchanging contact information until you set up a meeting through them. Meetings are only $60 for an hour including scheduling and translator.

However here is where it appears a little grey. They also have chat and video chat feature that most scam sites do not have. And they do appear to offer genuine introduction services. They also appear to be very upfront and descriptive about what their services and features are. So that is not normally the behavior of a scammer.

I have not spent any money with them and I would be leery of anyone doing that. But I wanted to ask Bob and the other readers what your thoughts are on this. I did read one review and it did give them a good review. But I am not so sure that review is reliable. But this reviewer even included screen shots of his video chats and they looked pretty darn good.

I just cannot understand how one site can have cute girls but you really have to search for them, and and other sites like have so many really gorgeous girls. It makes my too good to be true meter go off.

On the other hand behappy2day is not very expensive. I could just spend a few bucks as an experiment and see what would happen? Maybe as an investigation into what they are really like. What do you guys think?


Bob's Answer:

I'm glad you noted the comparison with You'll usually note the same phenomenon with every paid-membership site where you pay for a period of membership where you can write unlimited messages to unlimited women. On all those kinds of sites no one earns extra revenue if you write more letters.

Hence the more "natural" experience... that you actually have to SEARCH for the real lookers!

My A Foreign Affair - Review makes this point, especially the part near the bottom under the sub-head "Pay-Per-Letter Experiment". That talks about "why the difference?". Why do ALL the youngest, hottest women on Earth write me through AFA even though I have not updated my profile or pictures, or even participated on the site in over 10 years, but on RUW mostly only moderately attractive 40+ women write me? SERIOUSLY, there is a real reason for that difference.

There's another difference... The hottest women on pay-per-letter sites don't just write, they WRITE... They write longer, more interesting messages. Women on RUW reply "hi nice to meet you". That's because no one at RUW (including the girl) earns more money if they keep you writing more messages.

The reason for all these differences is profit... The agencies HIRE beautiful women to participate and send them to their professional photographers studios for the glam shots because they KNOW they are going to make a big profit because men will write them, and will keep writing them.

I might also note that in some cases very beautiful women are on RUW, but since their profile photos are dark and dingy and taken with a smartphone they don't look nearly as good. Good photography goes a long way!

Now I should mention that not all these specifics apply the same way to every pay-per-letter operation. Some may not actually HIRE the women members. For example, I don't believe AFA does that. What AFA does is get real women, but the office writes on behalf of the women. But the user agreement stipulates that that is allowed. So there's still a "fake" element... everything isn't exactly as you would like to think it is.

I have heard that Anastasia Date DOES hire. In fact, I know a girl who used to work at an ADate agency who told me how that all works.

That stuff is just REALLY how most - and I mean 99% - of pay-per-letter deals work.

So, to the answer of the actual question... I don't know this site directly, but knowing that they operate on pay-per-letter plus 5 seconds on the home page tells me 99% of what I need to know.

I think you're confusing types of scams. The most raw scam is the girl from Russia who hides her real email address in the text of her profile, enters dialog with you, supposedly does not have Skype or even a phone, but has a friend who works at the travel agency who can get her a visa if you can just send her the unpaid balance for that service.

THOSE are the kind that will never show up on a web cam.

These pay-per-letter, pay-per-video-chat, etc. all offer that service. Remember, in the pay-per-letter places the girls ARE ALMOST ALWAYS REAL.

Their photos, names, ages, location, description, etc. are all accurate. The only part of the story that is fraudulent in any way is the girl's motives. In these cases SHE'S BEING PAID. She's not just a sincere Russian/Ukrainian woman seriously searching for a man.

And of course she'll be happy to have a video talk for $60. She'll probably get at least half that amount, and that's a damned good income there!

I'm not very sure what a test could demonstrate.

I mean if you pay to send and receive letters, you'll send and receive letters. If you pay for a video chat, you'll get a video chat. And then, if you actually finally get around to suggesting an in-person meeting, depending on the site, you might get that.

It probably won't turn out how you hope though. You'll take 10 days off work, spend at least $3000-$4000 for airfare, hotel, and entertainment, and you'll get three dates with her, two hours each, probably with an interpreter present for an additional $15/hour.

Read My Experience With Anastasia Date. Your meeting could go exactly like that.

At least with the girl breaks off the relationship before you plan a trip.

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