Big Russian/Ukrainian scam not only on Romance Compass

by Harry

I'm French and I've been on several dating sites and here I'll talk mainly about Romance Compass which is definitely a huge scam. Everything here is to attract you (pretty photoshopped photos etc.) I won't repeat what others have already wrote upward.

I've spent more than 6,000 euros in letters and chat there.

At the end, I obtained only several (16) phone numbers where nobody answers. The site always transmits only their phone numbers.

I've even written to the site to ask why men can't have other information such as mail address, postal address, and Skype etc, and I complained to them that I got only useless phone numbers. THEY NEVER ANSWERED TO MY MAIL.


Now let me tell you different matters that happened to me on this site.

1st; I received many letters daily like any other men on the site. Reading them I noticed that they always send similar letters. What's intriguing is that some ladies know English but still send the same mail every time.

I also noticed that some letters were even 100% the same with same words but supposedly from different ladies.

It's difficult to imagine a lady of 19 yrs old who is a plastic surgeon, isn't it?


2nd; I was once talking in chat with a lady on chat and it was in direct live chat where I could see the lady. I noticed that the lady wasn't typing at all and was even looking around. So I asked how am I being answered on the chat as you're not typing at all?

So she replied that there's a translator typing by her side. Of course I saw nobody.

I said "OK but shouldn't the translator and you talk then so she can know what to write, but I don't see you speaking to anyone during our chat". So I cut the chat immediately and type a last phrase that it's very bad to cheat with men like this.

3rd; I went to my profile and removed my photos and changed all my information there.

I put that I'm Ahmed from Afghanistan and I'm 75 yrs old, fat, 130 kgs, father of more than 4 children, and I'm seeking for a wife to live in my country by my side.

Well to my surprise the ladies who usually wrote me continue to write and are interested.


Come on guys stop searching on dating sites about eastern ladies. they're all scammers and are here to suck out money from you.

Actually there's big problems in that country and the ladies on the site makes as if everything is alright there.

I've been on about 10 different sites and visited Ukraine twice. This showed me how greedy and cheaters they are.

You spend money for your trip, hotels, dinners, gifts, translators fees, etc.

Only a dinner with the lady and the translator etc cost you 300 dollars and you must pay the taxi fare for the lady to get back home which is around 40 dollars. In fact the next day I met an American guy and we went dinner together in a restaurant which was further and we paid the taxi only 3 dollars.

Everything is calculated. You meet the lady with the translator each time and this a paid service (100 dollars each time). No meeting head to head and no sex neither. When you come back home, you're ruined as you'll never meet nor communicate with that lady again.

The ladies and the translators worked in partnership sharing profits.

I met a man there who worked with the dating sites and we became good friends since up to today.

He explained to me how men are cheated and how the sites send letters which the lady themselves aren't aware. So the translators write whatever they want to you according to your letters and to please you.

Many ladies worked on the dating site on percentages on chats. So it's an income for them. Life is very difficult there and salaries are low. So there's no moral which stand up in order to make some money.

You'll will never meet those ladies, so men, stop dreaming.

I'm no more on any dating since and advise you men not to fall on this trap as you'll spend your money in vain.

Bob's Answer:

Wow, great post up to the "CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?" Up till there I have nothing to add... well said... and well documented: A 75 year old, fat Afghan father of four gets the same amount of attention as anyone else. Right, CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? No, of course not. Excellent application of common sense!

But your conclusions in the end are wrong, and this whole post exemplifies my comment on my home page:

And if you think that the whole Russian dating/marriage thing is just a big scam, you are partly right. If you Google "Russian women", follow the links, start writing girls, plan a trip, etc., chances are probably better than 95% that you will stumble upon some kind of scam along the way... if not every kind of scam every step of the way!

There are just SO MANY ways you can go wrong and end up wasting time, money, energy, and emotion and have nothing to show for it. You will need to know about which kinds of sites and agencies are best and which kinds to avoid...

And the "kinds of sites... to avoid..."... Well, for starters avoid sites that operate on a PAY-PER-LETTER/PAY-PER-CHAT basis.

Everything you say IS TRUE about pay-per-letter sites. Everything THERE is to get you to spend money, and you'll never really meet someone "real" (obviously someone is "real", but even if their names match their photos, and even if they were the ones writing, most of the time the thing that isn't real is their INTENTIONS).

But to assume from experiences exclusively on pay-per-letter sites that ALL Eastern women are greedy scammers only seeking your money is just unrealistically cynical.

I have been to Russian and Ukraine and not been scammed, and not paid $300 for a dinner for two, or $100 each time for a translator, etc.

But I HAVE met a girl from Russia who I even married. We are divorced now, but I still don't see a scam... I would think if it were a scam she would have stayed here long enough to remain, but she didn't... she returned to Russia.

I have paid $40 for a girl's taxi ride home, but when you can look at a map and see that she lives in a suburb 25 miles/40 km from the city center where she's meeting you, and then figure out how much that taxi ride would cost you in Western Europe or the U.S., you'll see that it's CHEAP!

I'm not saying that there are no scams there. Obviously there are. But they ARE so easy to avoid. And there ARE many real women there who have absolutely no interest in scamming anyone and who are serious about finding a partner for life.

Of course, if you do your searching on all the wrong sites and agencies, your experience will be much more like Harry's.

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