Biometric passport

by Alex
(Orange County, Ca)

I was told that a biometric passport is important to get for a Ukrainian lady if she is to have a chance on getting an American Visa. I was told that for $300 you can bribe a Ukrainian official to get this passport quickly, but I read somewhere that it only costs around $45 and it takes about 1 week. What do you know?

Bob's Answer:

Honest answer: I have never heard anything about biometric passports increasing the chances of a Ukrainian lady getting a U.S. tourist visa. I would seriously doubt it.

I do know that Ukrainians can now travel throughout the EU visa-free, but a biometric passport is required for that.

And a quick Google search seems to show that for VISA-FREE entry to the U.S. visitors must have a biometric passport. But "Visa-Free Entry" is not available to Ukrainians.

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