by Creeempie

Here is what happened when I opened an account with Bridesandlovers website. I'm quite upset as you can see...

1. I created a profile (free) but did not fill in the personal details nor did I uploaded any photos.

2. Nonetheless, I started receiving numerous messages and "interests" from other members. Remember my profile was blank!

3. Within a week, I can't access my profile. My email address and the password no longer work. However, I CAN log in to my profile from the initial verification email from the website.

4. When I log in, I've found out the someone else has filled out my profile, uploaded some woman's photo, and started using my profile to contact other members. Just let you know, that I am a guy; the profile is a woman.

Now you tell me this website is genuine or not.

Bob's Comment:

I've used this site before and never had any problems like that. I remember little annoyances like them sending you an email notification EVERY TIME SOMEONE *LOOKED* AT YOUR PROFILE, and if I recall correctly they didn't give you the option of turning off certain notifications. But frankly, that's just a functionality oversight. Otherwise it seemed to work mostly pretty well and all the girls with whom I made contact seemed authentic.

I have no vested interest in defending them, but I don't think I've ever heard a single complaint about them before, and I myself found them "genuine".

A question: Have you CONTACTED support? I see a "Help" link and a "Contact" link on that page.

Another question: What were the women like who contacted you prior to you uploading photos? Were they 45 years old, 5'6", 155 lbs? Or were they 23 years old, 5'10", 120 lbs, and look like a Victoria's Secret model?

To me the login issue sounds like someone probably guessed your password and accessed your account. Did you use a fairly simple password like "password"? That would explain a lot. Someone sees the new user in a search and tries to login as you, succeeds, changes your password, and tries to use the profile to scam others.

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by: Anonymous

I have also been a member of for a long time and never had any problems with the site. I would say its one of the few genuine sites out there and not full of young blonde fakes. I recently moved to Russia for work and still use the site.

As for the guy making a very strange complaint, I wonder why anyone in their right mind would add a women photo to a guys profile? Sounds like a malicious comment.

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