Can I get married in Ukraine?

by James
(Irvine, Kentucky, United States)

I am going to travel to Ukraine and want to get married to the girl I've been corresponding with over there. I want to marry her there in Ukraine. Can I do that?

I don't earn enough money to bring her back to the States. I only earn about $20,000 per year


Bob's Answer:

The super-simple answer to only the question explicitly asked would be, yes I believe that it is possible for you to marry a girl in Ukraine. But I don't know all the legal details.

If that's ALL you really want to know, stop reading my answer now.

But your short question SCREAMS for a longer answer to all the implications and other implied questions... For example:

  • If you plan to MOVE there you would obviously need to look into Ukraine's immigration rules. I'm sure the legal end of the immigration scenario wouldn't be that hard, but you would need to be able to work there.

  • OR, would you just marry her there and then maintain a long-distance marriage? I'm not sure I see the point in that. And WHY would the girl go for that? I just don't get it. A significant portion of the appeal of Russian/Ukrainian women is their FAMILY VALUES. I just can't imagine ANY real/sincere Russian/Ukrainian woman being OK with a marriage to a man she can't live with.

  • My previous point makes it IMPOSSIBLE to ignore the possibility that your girl is just a Russian scammer. PLEASE, click on the "Scams" link in the left margin and read the whole page, and every page to which it links, and every page to which every other page links. And read the dozens of other posts here on the same page where you posted. Do you recognize your scenario in any of those?

  • And finally, is there anything you can do to improve your income? I'm sure there is. Go read The 4-Hour Workweek. Click on the "Powered by: SITE BUILD IT!" link at the bottom of every page on my site. You CAN earn more if you really apply yourself to that goal.

Anyway, I hope that helps! Good luck.

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