Can it really be 50% chance she is real??!

by Brett Bourg

I've been talking with this girl for a couple weeks now and everything seemed fine until she asked for money. I don't remember what site it was, but contacted her first. However, when she replied she told me she was already in process of coming here on a work visa. She mentioned this agency she was using to help with paper work. She traveled from her hometown to St. Petersburg. Now two days from her departure she tells me she needs 980 dollars because the trip to St. Petersburg was more than she expected. I told her that I would buy a ticket for her. All she had to do was go pick up the ticket and come see me. But she told me that the agency will put a block on her work visa because if they knew that she knew someone here that her plan was to get married. She has sent me numerous pics all not professionally done. It seems like she is telling me the truth, but I don't know. Also she sent a pic of passport which was dated yesterday. Please help. I don't want to miss out.

Bob's Answer:

Sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news, but it's 100% chance of scam.

"I already have a visa, I'm already coming, BUT..." and "No, you can't just buy me a ticket, you MUST send cash..."

Just ask a few obvious questions...

  • If she already has a work visa, wouldn't she have already booked AND paid for the flight earlier than two days prior? How could she then come up $980 short?

  • How could a trip from anywhere in Russia to St. Petersburg end up costing almost $1000 more than expected? It couldn't.

  • A "work visa" to the U.S. involves SPONSORSHIP by the employer, and it's not a small thing. For an employer to sponsor someone for a work visa, it costs a lot and involves lots of paperwork, AND they must actually prove that they can't reasonably find someone with the required skills locally.

Don't trust any scanned passports or visas she sends you. They are all easily forged.

Read my site starting with the "Scams" sections. So no, there's not even a 1% this is real, let alone 50%.

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