Cannot tell if sincere or scam

by Patrick

I wrote to a girl on a website and after a few minutes she sent me naked pictures of herself. She has continually done this for a few weeks now, without me even asking for it. She has 20 000 followers on Instagram. But I specifically asked her to make a video where she said my name, and she actually did. So she is real 100%. My concern is... Is she being paid by the dating website to communicate to people? This is what it feels like. When I asked her about Skype she said strictly no, but has no problem sending pictures or videos on WhatsApp.

Bob's Comment:

On this site do you pay for each letter, chat, and/or video? If so there's a good chance she's paid to do it and keep it going as long as possible.

Read Avoiding Russian Women Scams carefully! If you follow all those suggestions, you will weed out most of the risk here.

I hope that helps.

If you have follow up comments/questions please post them as a comment on this post and I'll answer there if needed.

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