Checking specific sites

by Julian
(Leawood, KS USA)

I have used and The women on marry me women are more along the lines of what seems real. They are mostly attractive but not like the drop dead gorgeous women on goldenbride. They both use a similar method. Both require each letter I write to be charged and also reading the ones they write back. Do you know anything at all about their legitimacy? Some gals on marry me women have been very concerned about health issues I have that has prevented me from visiting. But, they both seem too good to be true.

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RE: Checking specific sites
by: Bob (Site Owner)

There is another post addressing - see Are Bride Forever and/or Golden Bride legit?.

As for, I've never heard of it before.

The method you describe where you pay to send and pay to read each message is generally called "pay-per-letter" service, and sites that offer such services are "pay-per-letter sites".

As you have probably seen if you've read much of my site, I am SERIOUSLY OPPOSED to all pay-per-letter operations. It's SO RARE that they don't scam that it's just not worth the effort to investigate.

The way these sites usually work is that they are a collection of affiliate agencies in Russia/Ukraine. These affiliate agencies are brick-and-mortar places where girls come, register, have photos taken, etc. Then they appear on the site. And the ongoing activity in most such cases doesn't involve the girl logging into the site from her home computer checking her messages and responding.

Usually that agency receives messages to its girls and conveys the message to them, either by forwarding it to their email, calling them and reading it to them, or having them come to the office and read/reply.

When the girl replies, she sends (or calls in) her reply to the agency office who then enters it into their system to send to you.

In these kinds of sites exchanging direct contact information is prohibited. And since the agency sees all messages both ways, they can enforce this.

In the BEST CASE you're just paying a LOT to communicate. Worst case - and much more likely case - the agency is cheating... They're either writing on behalf of the women OR the women are writing, but are paid a share of the letter revenue to do so.

I would almost think that it was a positive sign that girls were concerned about your health-related traveling challenges, but that can go either way...

It can be GOOD because it would naturally concern any serious/real girl, so it smells of authenticity.

On the other hand, some of these pay-per-letter sites are REALLY scummy and want to suck as much blood out of you via pay-per-letter fees AND in person if they can get you there.

So ultimately their concern about your travel limitations can go either way.

But I might inquire as a side note, what do you really hope to come of this pursuit if you can't travel to meet a girl? You really should know that 99% of the time they can't travel to you, so if this pursuit is ever to turn into something real you'll have to travel.

Checking specific sites.
by: Julian

Thank you for your help and you are most certainly right on. One who I have spoken to has sent me personalized pics of her or is supposed to be this person and telling me her son is excited. I have to wonder because these site owners are just predators and the women complicit in what is tantamount to identity theft. They need to be horse whipped. I will avoid them like one normally avoids parasites.

RE: Checking specific sites
by: Bob (Site Owner)

You're welcome. Glad I could help!

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