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by Craig
(Kimberley, South Africa)

I got an email about this site (advertising), very similar to but there's NOT a lot of choice right now, maybe because they're new? Chat as much as you want and letters as many as you want...for a monthly fee (not bad price EITHER!)

Bob's Comment:

Thanks for your input! Actually both Russian Cupid (formerly "") and Ukraine Date are run by the same company, Cupid Media (, and are both good sites.

However, I don't think the reason Ukraine Date has fewer members is because it is newer, but because Russia is bigger, AND many Russian Cupid members are Ukrainian and not many Ukraine Date members live in Russia. For this reason, typically Russian Cupid gives you a bit more bang for your dollar.

See my full review of Russian Cupid and Ukraine Date here on this site for more information.


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by: Anonymous

Yea, I agree, russiancupid is STILL the best, LOT more options and you at least get RESPONSE, although it seems to get someone to CHAT with you is a mission!

Low level website
by: Anonymous

I've been on that site for 5 years. I can say that it's a low level website with very poor Western men and Ukrainian girls from village who are looking to survive with all sad consequences from here. Also administration of the site do lots of cheats, such as create fake profiles of young women with writing letters to new members,to encourage to be on the site as long as they can to keep the guys membership prolonging.

Bad website.

[Bob's Answer:]

Hmmm, I met and married a woman from Russian Cupid, another site identical to Ukraine Date, so I guess I'd have to strongly disagree.

Look, as I acknowledge on in my Russian Cupid and Ukraine Date - Review, because these sites are relatively automated, scammers make abundant use of it. So yes, you will receive messages from young, attractive women who are not the "real deal", but the site doesn't generate those.

These Cupid Media sites get thousands new profiles every day, and they remove thousands of fraudulent profiles every day.

As I say in my review, it is true that on these sites you will need to know how to sidestep the scammers. And I tell you how to do that fairly effectively. But if you want to minimize the need for that, try,

You can read - Review for more information.

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