Consultation Policies

If you have read much of my site you probably get some sense of my knowledge of the area. Much of it is captured here in this website, but if you would like a direct phone or Skype consultation with me, that is a service I offer.

My personalized consultation service takes place via voice or video on Skype, Viber, or Whatsapp, or by voice over the phone.

To use this service you must understand and agree to a few simple policies and follow a few simple instructions. If you do not accept these policies, please do not sign up for a personal consult. IF YOU SIGN UP, YOU ARE EXPRESSLY AGREEING TO THESE POLICIES.


  1. I offer consults in 30 minute increments. My fee for this service is $40 USD for the first 30 minutes and $30 for each additional consecutive 30 minute block in the same session.

    That means 30 minutes costs $40 USD, 60 minutes costs $70 USD, and 90 minutes costs $100 USD.

    Fees are subject to change without advance notice (of course the fee won't change between the time you pay for a consult and the time of the consult).

  2. The fee must be paid via PayPal and the payment must clear prior to the consult. You do not need a PayPal account to pay through PayPal, just a credit or debit card (or even a checking account).

    When I receive your message sent through the contact form below I will email you instructions on how to pay.

  3. You are paying for my time, attention, input, and interaction, NOT for any guarantee of success or satisfaction. If I show up, listen, and interact to the best of my ability, I have done my part and have earned my fee. You have probably read at least part of my site or one of my ebooks that directed you to this page, all 100% written by me (except where otherwise noted), and have some feel for my areas of expertise and how I might be of assistance to you (otherwise why would you even want to talk to me?). By scheduling an appointment you accept that as sufficient.

  4. A refund will be made ONLY IF (a) you cancel at least one hour prior to the appointment time, or (b) I cancel the appointment or am unable keep our appointment. But if you do not cancel at least one hour prior to the scheduled appointment time and I attempt a call at the appointed time (and a few re-tries over the next 10 minutes) to the phone number or Skype name you provide, then no refunds will be made.

    At present I do not charge any kind of cancellation fee for cancellations at least one hour PRIOR to the appointment time.

    I consider the ACCURATE time to be that reflected at If your clock differs significantly, please synchronize accordingly for the purposes of our appointment.

  5. I am a licensed driver, but that's about the extent of my licensing. I am NOT a licensed professional in anything else, I am not "board certified", I am not a credentialed psychologist or psychiatrist or any such thing. I do not present any consultation as "professional advice", "therapy", or anything like that.

    You are basically paying me to be your friend on the phone for some set period of time, presumably to talk about meeting Russian/Ukrainian women or some related topic. The farther from that topic our conversation strays, the less helpful I'll probably be (but as long as you pay, I'll do my best on whatever topic you want to talk about).


To arrange an appointment time, use the contact form below. In your message to me on that contact form, please include:
  • Three time slots that work for you in order of preference. PLEASE include your time zone.

  • A phone number or Skype name where you can be reached AND YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS

  • The amount of time you would like to schedule
You may also include in your message as much detail as you wish about your situation so that I can get a little head start so as to make our phone time more profitable and not so focused on details I could just have easily read.

Please try to limit the description of your situation to 1000 words (use your word processor's word count feature). NOTE: I know that the form below does not LOOK like it will hold 1000 words, but it will.

When I receive your message sent through the contact form, I will email you the date and time that I will call and instructions for payment.

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