Contact with Elena for three months now she wants to come.

by Jeff

I've been in contact with Elena for the past three months daily. She is in love. She didn't pass the IP test but was insulted from my accusation. She was going to fund this trip with loans from her friend and parents but at the last minute she came uo 568 dollars short. She has no bank account no way for me to pay the airlines directly. Suggested Western Union. I almost did it but I feel stupid. I got specifics on her name and location but I feel like it is a scam. I said all along that as long as I did't have to send any money I would go along with it but, the 568 came up that seems like a scam to me. Should I hold out to let her come up with the money?

Bob's Answer:

Hi Jeff, thanks for writing. Yes, it's a cookie-cutter textbook scam, and no need to hold out hope for this one. Just learn from it and move forward. Everything you need to know is on my site (not to be immodest :-), but 99% of avoiding scams is dealing with the right sites and agencies. I'd bet my bottom dollar you didn't encounter this girl on Elena's Models, right?

Also, it's very rare for a single Russian/Ukrainian woman to get a visa to come to the U.S. In order to truly do this, if you're serious, is to expect that your first face-to-face meeting is in HER CITY.

So if you're serious, carefully read my
Reviews of Russian dating sites use those that get positive reviews.

Anyway, I hope that helps!

Good luck.

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