Contacting Ukrainian Women

by Buddy
(Tulsa, OK, US)

In one of the columns you mentioned contacting many women/visit one. How is the best way? I am with Anastasia Date and one of the AFA sites. They're practically the same company. They use the same email forwarding system. At least with Anastasia, you can open the first email free. AFA charges a flat rate of about $6 for all mail. How do I know if the girl is really reading and answering the letters? Anastasia Date almost certainly doesn't tell the girls, but what about AFA. My buddy and I are considering going to Ukraine on our own anyway. That as you said has problems too.

Bob's Comment:

Well, that was one column :) Another column mentions the tour approach. To be honest I flip-flop a little between which I think is best. On the one hand, I used the write-many-visit-one model as I describe to meet and marry a beautiful Russian lady. Although in the end the marriage didn't succeed, that wasn't because of the WMVO model.

However, as I'm now searching again, I see that it takes a lot of luck to finally encounter that woman who is serious AND willing to participate in building a long-distance relationship before meeting in person. When I first met my ex SHE immediately suggested Skype video meetings, and we talked on Skype 4-6 times/week for 4 months prior to our first meeting. It's just REAL HARD to find women who are willing to do that.

For that reason I sometimes find myself leaning more toward the tour approach. But frankly that approach has its challenges too.

I'm kind of brainstorming yet another approach, but it's not an approach likely to be feasible for many... GO and spend 2-3 months there! Basically as soon as you get there (let's use Kiev as an example) you start communicating (NOT through AFA/ADate) with women nearby. As soon as they say, "I'm serious about finding someone and I don't believe I can know from email... How soon can you plan a trip?", you can say, "How bout lunch at the TGI Friday's by the Besarabsky Market Friday at noon?"

By being there for the longer period it gives you a little "elbow room"... you don't feel stressed about squeezing in enough visits and forcing chemistry to happen according to your flight schedule. The shorter visits sometimes work out, but it's hard.

As for A Foreign Affair and AnastasiaDate, did you see my reviews? If not:

A Foreign Affair - Review

AnastasiaWeb - Review

It may help you to read more of my site if you've been using those companies' pay-per-letter services, or any pay-per-letter services. That's just almost always a sure loser for the customer, and although companies vary in how scammy they are about it, almost all of them are at least a little shady.

Here, I'll pick on AFA. Right in their posted terms of service they say:

E-mail Forwarding.... There are two types of letters - the letters in green are replies from women whom you have already written. The letters in blue are introduction letters from women who may be interested in you based primarily on your profile information. With the assistance of our staff, women have the ability to send intro letters to men they feel they may have an interest in. An Intro letter may be sent to you directly by the woman OR with the help of office staff based on your profile matching some or all of her parameters. Keep in mind that this is just an intro letter as a show of possible interest and may very well be sent to multiple men. Blue letter(s) are only $5.95 to open regardless of your membership status...

I added the font formatting for emphasis, but all words are theirs.

That's tricky-weasel-lawyer-talk for "Intro letters are written by staff". And I once called AnastasiaDate to inquire how so many gorgeous women were writing me, and they more or less acknowledged something similar, that agencies are authorized to write intro letters on behalf of women.

Now all of this clearly intends to leave you with the impression that all OTHER non-intro letters are fully authentic. If you believe that, well, we need to talk business :)

I always point out that I don't always know EXACTLY what's happening, or how it happens... maybe the girls are really writing their own letters, but it can be in exchange for a portion of the letter fees. Or, often the letters are written by the agency people.

Either way, unless one still believes in Santa Claus, one must always wonder why one receives letters almost exclusively from VERY beautiful women on sites that charge by the letter, but on sites that charge a flat-price for unlimited messages to/from unlimited women only the older and less attractive women initiate contact.

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