Dating Russian Women Online:
The Correspondence Approach

Dating Russian women online (the "correspondence approach") allows you to meet beautiful Russian women through the web, write them, speak to them by phone, skype, or whatever, and develop relationships remotely. You do this until you feel you can narrow your prospects down to one special girl, then plan a trip to see ONLY HER! Up to the point where you are narrowing the field to one and traveling to see only her, this is somewhat similar to domestic online dating (,, etc.).

If you want to read about the comparative advantages and disadvantages of dating Russian women online before getting into the nuts and bolts, click HERE.

In order to succeed in dating Russian women online there are a few preliminary things you should understand.

Where to find the best sites

First you will need to know what kinds of sites are best for this approach. Click here to read more about the best type of Russian dating site for correspondence.

How to write a good online profile

To meet beautiful Russian women online you will need to know how to write your own profile to post on the sites you will use. Most of the sites that you would use for dating Russian women online allow you to send some form of "Expression of Interest" to the women letting them know that you would like to communicate. In order for that to be of any use, you will need to have a profile of your own posted for them to view. Click here to read about how to write an effective online profile.

How to recognize the best women

You will need to know how to recognize which women are most likely to be serious in their search for a man and least likely to waste your time and money. Click here to read about how to select the best single Russian women to write.

How to recognize bad Russian women

In dating Russian women online there are definitely some bad Russian women that you should avoid. Click here to read about how to recognize and avoid Bad Russian women.

How to start relationships from a distance

SO, once you've selected the sites(s) you will use, written and posted your own profile on those sites, and learned how to identify the best women to write to and which ones to avoid, what next?

Personally I like the "Expression of Interest" features of some sites, like, Russian Cupid, or Ukraine Date (in the latter two they are called "Show Interest" messages). This is simply a short message notifying a woman that you are interested and would like to know if she would be willing to correspond with you. She then reads your profile, views your posted pictures, and replies "Interested" or "Not Interested". This can save you a lot of time.

Once you've sent your "Expression of Interest" messages (or full personalized messages if you prefer that approach) to your favorite women and found several that seem willing to correspond, then it is time to start getting acquainted so you can start narrowing the field.

Click here to read about how to best use the correspondence approach to get better acquainted with Russian women from a distance.


So you've browsed the sites, posted your profile, picked women to write, corresponded with them for a while, and narrowed your prospects down to one special Russian women... WHAT NEXT?

Then it's time to GO meet her!

Although you're going to see your one special lady, you will benefit from my discussion entitled "Meet Beautiful Russian Women Using the Tour Approach". Parts of the discussion will not be 100% relevant to you, but since it discusses many of the mechanics involved in traveling to Russia/Ukraine you should read it. Also, in the event that your "one special lady" somehow bombs out on you, you will need to quickly convert your trip to a "Tour" to meet many women. Better to have that information in hand!

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