Desacked by American woman

by Curtis
(Kandahar, Afghanistan)

Congratulations on writing the best article I've ever read on this subject.

I privately held these thoughts because to air them only casts you as a someone who just doesn't have it with the ladies.

If I told you my story you would cry.

I've had 3 serious girlfriends in the last 10 years (Boston) and I was the victim of abuse in all 3. The first was mental abuse (long story).

The second physically assaulted me, and she lied to the police saying I assaulted her... defense lawyer fees to get exonerated: $80,000!

And third, the one that nearly killed me - the fiance with a very bad temper who left me the day I came home from 2 years in Iraq (where's the "Welcome Home" banner?).

Thanks for telling me what I already knew about American woman.

My last foray on Match lasted 16 months and I went on 2 dates (Vermont). I was writing a woman I was slightly attracted to out of desperation. I actually missed Boston (see above). Women with their laundry lists of what they dont want... blah, blah, blah, especially the rare hot one. I actually wrote one "hotty" and told her what I thought of her demanding profile. It earned me a reprimand from the site administrator. Im planning a trip to Kiev soon. Thank you.

Bob's Answer:

Thanks for your kind comments about my article!

Wow, you've had your share of "beatings"!

My observation as I outline at Why Russian Women? has simply been that any woman on a U.S. dating site who is even remotely appealing receives so much attention that my chances of even having my messages read are slim.

Russian/Ukrainian women aren't perfect, and there are some demanding princesses there too, but your ODDS are simply much better! Locally a "9.5" (on the 10-scale) isn't even going to see your messages, a "9" might see your message but not reply, an 8.5 might read it but not find you to her liking, a 7 might reply, a 6 might meet, and only the 2s-3s actually INITIATE contact! These are obviously over-generalizations, but they're not entirely realistic.

But in Russia/Ukraine most of the 9+ women will get your messages, read your messages, and reply. They aren't all perfect angels, but from among those 9+ women there's a decent chance that you'll find one with a good heart and sincere motives who is interested in you for the right reasons.

I also observe that once a man "gets it" (i.e. my Why Russian Women? and Russian Women Myths makes him jump out of his chair screaming "AMEN!"), the American scene will never again work for them!

Good luck in Kiev... It's an AWESOME city. I look forward to hearing about your trip!

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