Do all trips involve a lot of walking?

by Mark
(Winston Salem)

I am reading and re-reading, your "Russian Travel" information.

Question = Is the excessive walking due to getting around on tours? I'll be hitting Moscow, then Stavropol. My Natula will pick me up.

Our plan is to just go home; As in her home. Thanks for any instruction on this as I don't care to walk the distance's you describe.

Once I'm picked up it's on me to decide what I would or wouldn't vote for but; Once I fly out of my own town, and up to landing her area. Where's all the walking come into this please?

Bob's Answer:

Well, most likely you will do more walking than you are used to, but you're right... when you're going to visit one woman and you'll be spending all your time with her, and especially if you're staying at her place, and if she has a car, the foot mileage drops considerably.

The "excessive" walking happens when you go to Kiev, for example, and are either on a group or individual tour. On my trips to visit my ex, the walking was minimal. She rented a car while I was there and we drove everywhere. It was still a little more walking than my normal life, but not enough such that one needs special preparations. And, FYI, everything about all the walking was written PRIOR to my trips to visit my ex :)

BUT, for every trip where I didn't have plans to visit only one girl, and where I was responsible for getting myself around, I estimate that I was walking an average of 6-8 miles PER DAY (estimating using Google Earth's path measurement tool). And on every one of those trips my feet were seriously blistered until I learned the trick of toughening up my feet prior to the trip.

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