Do the women pay a subscription fee at UkraineDate?

by David S.
(San Diego, CA)

I received an email from a very attractive lady at UkraineDate, and she mentioned that it is expensive to chat there. So I was expecting her to ask for my email address but she didn't, at least not yet.

But it did make me wonder, do you know if the women pay a subscription fee at UkraineDate? If I found out they do not, I would know immediately that the email mentioned above was sent by a scammer and pay no further attention to it, except maybe to flag it for the site admin.


Bob's Answer: Thanks for the great question! As I understand it, Russian Cupid and Ukraine Date allow communication between members if AT LEAST one of the parties to the communication is a paying member.

You can tell if a girl is paying to use the site by noting whether her profile indicates that she is a "Standard", "Gold", or "Platinum" member. Standard is free, the others are paid.

I am a little at a loss to understand why she would mention that it is "expensive to chat THERE" and not offer an alternative, but it does sound a little fishy for several reasons.

First, if you are a paying member, then it is FREE for her to chat with you. She can just downgrade to the free membership if she currently is a Gold member.

Second, if she is a paying member she still would be paying a flat monthly, quarterly, etc. rate for unlimited communication, not some price per minute or message.

Third, this whole "____ is expensive" is never good! I would not be surprised if she's hoping you'll offer to help with her (possibly fictitious) expenses.

Hope that helps!

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