Do you know anything about the romance tour company called "Dream Connections?"

I want to know if you or anyone you know have used this service.

Bob's Answer:

I have not personally used this service, but I am familiar with them. I can't give a truly full endorsement simply because I have never used them, but based on everything I have seen there I believe they offer a good, honest service.

In a way they operate like AFA without all the bad parts!

No pay per letter/chat/video. The only service they offer - as I understand it anyway - is the group tour.

I've listened to hours of Mark Davis' videos and actually believe he (and the company) is sincere and honest.

From what I know of them and how they operate I would only have two concerns:

1) Price: $5000 for a ONE WEEK tour, and it doesn't look like that includes airfare. So if you tack on a $1500 round trip airfare to that, we're looking at a $6500 price tag for ONE WEEK (7-8 days).

2) The meeting model. From watching their videos they appear to rely heavily on a type of "speed dating" (Google it)... At the socials 4-6 girls sit at each table and each man spends a few minutes at each table talking to ALL the girls, then at the end everyone compares notes to see who wants to meet who. To me that feels very awkward. But that's very much a matter of personal preference. I don't condemn the approach, I just don't like it for myself.

From what I hear that tour includes LOTS of service elements that may make the price tag worthwhile.

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A Dream Connections Client
by: Jeremy

I have tried many ways to get a Ukrainian wife. I then found Dream Connections. Right away I knew there was something different with this company. I found that they screen and know the girls at their events. That they are all about success not money. They train you on how to be a success. They also help after the tour to help insure your success once you find a lady. No one else does that or even comes close. I guess that is why they are the only ones approved by the Better Business Bureau. I knew they were legit.

So I signed up for the Sept 2018 tour. Best decision of my life. On Sept 14th I arrived in Odessa Ukraine. Was met by a driver that knew me by name. Met up with the rest of the guys and we loaded buses for Nikolaev. We checked into our hotel and got ready for the meet-your-translator dinner.

This is were I met Julia, the woman who would be my romance coach for the whole trip. We ate traditional Ukrainian food, talked, and became great friends.

The next morning was the first of two meet and greet events. They have tables set up with 3-4 women. You sit down for 15 minutes and chat just to see if there is a spark with a lady. You then get up and leave at the one minute mark. Your romance coach stays back and asks the ladies if they would like to give me their number. After the event I set up two dates. It was a fun time.

The next day we had the second meet and greet event. On that day I met Anna and asked her out. It was an awesome evening so I asked her out again.

For the second date I had to go back to Odessa to see her. Not a problem with Dream Connections. They set up a car for a reasonable fee and I was on my way. I had a great second date with Anna.

That night back in Nikolaev was Karaoke night. Only clients and staff. It was a great way to unwind. The next day more dates.

On Wednesday went back to Odessa for another date with Anna. At the end of the date I asked her to come to Nikolaev for the rest of my trip and she agreed.

With the help of Julia I planned a special evening on the river at sunset. There I asked Anna to date exclusively. I then asked her to the final dinner. All the couples get together for one last dinner. Lots of pictures are taken. It is a great event. After that I said goodbye to Julia.

Anna spoke English so I did not need her for the extra time I stayed. If I would have Dream Connections would have arranged it. They really do take care of everything. all you need to do is show up. They are very professional. They make the whole process seem easy. I cannot say enough good things about them. They are the only way to go if you are thinking about this. If you are asking Anna and I are engaged and K-1 visa is started. So I am also a success.

RE: A Dream Connections Client
by: Bob (Site Owner)

Great story! Thanks for sharing.

I disagree with "the ONLY way to go", but certainly it's good way to go.

Personally when I hear "one minute per table" I already feel chest pains :) I HATE that kind of pressure. Their prices are also a bit of a deterrent.

But everything you say does seem to support what I said in my initial answer to this post, that they seem like a quality operation... Like an AFA group tour without the bad stuff.

But I really must alert you (and everyone else) that "approval" by the Better Business Bureau is relatively meaningless. Some of the biggest, dirtiest operations in the business also boast of BBB approval. I'm not saying Dream Connections is like those, but NEVER attribute any real weight to BBB claims.

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