Do You Think I Am Being Scammed?

by Tony
(York, England)

I met a woman on the internet from Russia says she can get a travel visa, but wants me to pay for her flight. I offered to get her a flight for £450 pounds, but she wants me to send money to a travel agency in her town. They want £560 for the flight. The agency sent me an e-mail with their bank details to send funds. They said they will sort out travel visa when I send money. The name of the agent is zimaletotravel in Novosibirsk. She also said if the visa office knew I was paying her flight she would not be able to obtain the visa. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Bob's Comment:

Yes, this sounds like a scam to me. Read through the many other posts and you'll see the pattern... the only way it works is if you wire cash! I know that the U.K. has the second strictest entry visa requirements for Russians/Ukrainians, so I seriously doubt she could actually get this visa.

Read Russian Scammers: Email Scams for more on this... you'll see your exact situation all over this page!

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