Do you want to learn a small degree of Russian Language?

by Mark
(Winston Salem N.C.)

Do you want assistance?

If yes I'm prepping a quick study guide, and I am willing to help you.

I'm retired, this is just a hobby for me.

Also I can only help 1-3 guys at a time. There are between 50-100 words that will truly help you. Most are not difficult as well.

Don't be angry with me if I don't answer quickly when you email me. I may be in Russia, Israel, Rome, or other countries.

I will teach you Russian over the phone after I email you a phonic list of Russian to English and Visa Versa. And this will assist you in understanding if you want to learn more. Either semi, or fully fluent Russian language? In 30 days you'll be speaking a small but very important number of words.

Email me that you're interested, and that you do defiantly want this assistance! Include your phone number in your email. Thanks; CONTACT

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