Does AFA have their own agencies or they deal with private agencies? And are these agencies good and trustworthy?

by Francis

Hi Bob

I'm planning a group tour in Kiev-Poltava with AFA. I like the "holding hand" idea for my first trip there. I know the socials are a total waste of time but I'm really curious to see this. But if I have a serious potential 9-10/10 date, I won't attend their socials if they're at the same time. Of course, I'll seriously abuse their unlimited introductions and transform this to an individual tour. It's actualy my goal here... Contact none and visit many.

So does AFA have their own dating agencies in Ukraine or they deal with private agencies? And are these agencies (AFA's or affiliates) good and trustworthy?

Thanks Bob

Bob's Answer:

Hi Francis

I know you've read A Foreign Affair - Review and Bachelors Abroad Reality TV Show - Review, and if you go into this with all that information in mind, I know you will have a great time. And frankly, as I say in my review, if you are not a seasoned international traveler, this really is the easiest way to get started.

I'm not 100% sure, but I believe that A Foreign Affair owns and operates the local agencies in some of the bigger cities, but uses affiliate agencies in smaller cities. But the group tours are usually managed more heavily by the U.S. AFA office, so the identity and character of the local offices are a little less significant.

There will be a tour director who will probably be an American AFA employee who will oversee most of the operation. A Foreign Affair will basically set up a mini-office right there in the hotel. You'll be going there to request introductions and arrange dates.

All of that works pretty well. In this context when you are there in person there is hardly any room for scammy or unreliable service, especially with the very knowledgeable AFA-employed American tour director on site.

I think you could trust the Kiev AFA office to treat you right if you were there on your own, but as you can read throughout my site, I strongly advise against using letter or gift services of most agencies, INCLUDING AFA's. Nearly everyone I know who has used these services (including myself) has been scammed numerous times.

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