Does this site belong to this site?

by John
(Dallas, Texas, US)


does belong to

I was reading on one of the forums about Russian scams and then on the right click on a picture that took me to, so I thought that it would be legit.

I have not signed up because I did not know if it was associated with this site.

Thank you,

Bob's Answer:

Hi John, I will be happy to clarify the relationship between the two sites. I'm Bob, the owner/author of, an information-only site containing the results of my many experiences in dealing with finding, dating, and marrying a Russian/Ukrainian woman.

In case my long answer gets confusing, the short answer is that is legit. I don't "own" it, but I do promote it and use it myself.

More specifically...

Some time ago I found and LOVED IT. Since then I have used it almost exclusively in my searches and have had great experiences.

Then I discovered that was part of an affiliate system. In other words, there are numerous domains, each with different looks but with all the same women and features.

So I signed up for that so that I could earn some commission by recommending it to my readers.

I only own the domain name I set that domain to point to the main company's servers and database. That other company owns the software, database, and customer service.

Hopefully that clarifies it. I continue to use that site myself, and even as an affiliate who promotes their services I still have to pay just like everyone else. I don't even get a discount or a commission on my own membership payments!

- Bob

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Thank you
by: John

Thank you Bob for the detailed reply!

Scammers on
by: John

Hey Bob, have you meet any scammers on

RE: Scammers on
by: Bob (Site Owner)

Yes, I encountered one scammer there. And I don't mean by that to imply there is only ONE. It's a site with some 30,000 active profiles all posted by the members.

It's important to remember how the membership site model works ( uses the membership model). The membership model is like - you pay one price and can write unlimited messages to unlimited women. The competing model is the pay-per-letter model.

In the membership model everyone posts profiles themselves. Most sites have some sort of approval process in which they scan the profile for any obvious violations of terms (nude pics, disclosing contact details in profile text, etc.) and then approve or deny.

With most Russian/Ukrainian membership sites part of that approval process - at least on the women's profiles - is some sort of scammer database check.

The rest of the scam fighting happens reactively - a man clicks the "Report this user" button (labeled differently on different sites) and write their complaint. I think in most these cases the benefit of the doubt goes to the man reporting the fraud. The woman's name, details, email address, IP address, and whatever else is then put in the scammer database.

AND, some sites' scam prevention/detection are better than others. I have found the scam prevention process at to be very good. In the years I've used it I only encountered the one fraud attempt.

A woman engaged me in communication but needed translation help. The site's automatic translation engine (powered by Google Translate) couldn't understand her messages and vice versa. She then suggested we use a professional translation site that operated on a pay-per-message basis.

I reported this activity to the site and they removed her profile and banned her from the site.

FYI, if you ever need ANY services (like translation, like accommodation for a visit, etc.) YOU FIND THE SERVICE, and you find it WITHOUT HER INVOLVEMENT. Otherwise it's a scam.

For more about this translation site scam, read Luv Vocabulary and Reply from Luvvocabulary.

Give it a go
by: John

Ok, I may try it out and see what happens, I will give you a review after a month :)

Bob, are you still single after you last go around with a Russian girl.

What happened, did she not like you after you meet in person?

by: Bob (Site Owner)

Great, good luck. Let me know how it goes.

I married a Russian lady in 2012. The short version for why it didn't work out is that she simply had unrealistic expectations of life in America despite my best efforts to prepare her.

Ok, cool
by: John

Thank you and I will let you know. Also, the expectations thing sounds like an excuse, if she was really into you she would crawl over broken glass to be with you!

Keep looking, there are billions of single women, so the odds are stacked in your favor to find a perfect loving match :)!

by: Bob (Site Owner)

Well, it would be impossible to really capture everything that happened with my ex in a few simple sentences, but she was sincere, just mixed up.

In any case I'm living in KIEV now and would say the odds are in my favor.

by: John

Bob, I was not trying to pry into your last relationship but I like to learn from my fellow traveler.

Wow Bob, you are living in KIEV, that is awesome!

How is the food, is it cold, are the people friendly?, please, please, please tell me the women still have their femininity!!! :)

Re: Kiev
by: Bob (Site Owner)

Well, a more complete report of my findings in Kiev will be the subject of upcoming pages on this site, but for now...

My observations are that the food is OK, but wouldn't be the reason one would come to Kiev. The good thing is that - at least now - the food is CHEAP. With a few exceptions one can get out of almost any sit-down restaurant for under $10-$12/meal. I had a grilled salmon entree yesterday for $9 + tip.

Cold? Yes. Last winter was my first full Ukrainian winter and the daily high temps typically maxed out around 32-35 (F) and lows 10-25 (F). But there was one week with lows around 0. But I hear that it was a colder than average winter.

And yes, of course, the women are feminine! Read Why Russian Women?. Note that although the title of that page says "Russian" women, I always mean "Russian/Ukrainian". When I started writing this site most Americans didn't even know Ukraine was a separate country.

I can confirm that everything I say there is true, especially that bit about my Ukrainian-American model friend liking America because people notice her. Here in Kiev during the Summer you can walk 600 meters to the grocery store and see five women just like her!

And the people are very friendly, unless one is an a**hole to them!

I love it here!

Keep an eye open for new pages on this subject!

by: John

Great reply Bob, I will definitely keep reading on your site and will get joined up and see what happens :) 9 dollar salmon, I got to get over there for my next vacation.

Be safe brother!

Salmon, Kiev and other things
by: Gary

I have been to Kiev... GREAT place! I love the city very much and Ukraine is worth a visit. I'll be there again in late April/early May. 10 days. Looking forward to it.

About the seafood, I come from New England where I have been spoiled my entire life. Fresh seafood abounds here! Of course, you pay.

I had salmon at a restaurant in Kiev for a great price in February, 2017 but I am not confident it was fresh. Preparation was good considering.

If visiting Kiev, I would recommend looking for some restaurants that specialize in Ukrainian dishes. Very interesting cuisine especially when dining with a beautiful woman who can make excellent recommendations. :-)

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